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Department of Labor (DOL)

PEP has worked extensively providing technical, professional and administrative support services within the Federal Government at the national, state and local levels. 

For more than 15 years PEP has worked with the Department of Labor (DOL) providing professional services such as: expert advice, assistance, and guidance to national workforce development programs in the areas of high performance work; leadership systems; process and productivity improvement; organizational assessments; performance measures and indicators; systems alignment; and the process of organizational change and transition with local, state, and federal entities that comprise the workforce system.

PEP specializes in Workforce Development and has extensive experience within the workforce system, and expert knowledge of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), America’s Rapid Response and Recovery Act (ARRA) and the Department of Labor’s Green Jobs Initiative. Beginning in June 2007 and continuing through June 2008 PEP was awarded eight major contracts by DOL, to provide technical assistance and support services to the USDOL’s Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership (FBNP), formerly the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives (CFBCI), the national office and in ETA Region six.

Examples of workforce development related experience at the national, state, and local levels include:

  • PEP has worked closely with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP), to provide technical assistance and project management support to three separate initiatives for FBNP programs. The overall goal of these programs has been to tap into the unique abilities of faith-based and community organizations and partner with the workforce development community in order to help more individuals overcome barriers to employment, find jobs, and stay employed. PEP has been privileged to play a significant role in  collaborative efforts designed to produce innovative public-private partnerships that decrease unemployment and recidivism among ex-prisoners, increase access to publicly funded employment resources in low-income communities, help homeless veterans find housing and jobs, and much more. These projects include:
    • Technical assistance provider to CFBCI’s 2006 and 2007 Grassroots Grantees: PEP has provided service providers with technical assistance to enhance their ability to effectively manage and sustain their programs. PEP skills valuable to this initiative have included knowledge of workforce development best practices, performance excellence/outcome-based models, and a background in adult learning and training. PEP has provided group learning opportunities to supporting grantee excellence in four core areas:  1) Customer Service. 2) Relationship Building within the Community; 3) Outcomes-Based Management, and 4) Project Sustainability. In August of 2007 PEP managed and delivered a grantee orientation conference in the D.C. area for approximately 100 people. PEP provided ongoing technical assistance via program management support, monthly training webinars, and project assessment services.
    • Build Your Community Network:   The PEP Team has served as a liaison working with up to fifty local Workforce Boards and up to 15 States for a grant distribution and event planning contract for the Department of Labor’s Center for Faith Based and Community Organizations (CFBCI).  The Team managed the RFP, application and award process receiving more than 65 inquiries for assistance with state, region and local co-sponsored events, and providing $166,000 in funding to 20 applicants, some representing numerous events. The PEP team is currently managing and providing technical support for the delivery of these conferences nationwide. The events, co-sponsored by USDOL CFBCI, are designed to foster and build partnerships between faith-based and community organizations and the Department’s Workforce Investment System.  The goal of this project was to create WIRED strategic partnerships that serve as a catalyst in the transformation of targeted regions into innovative, entrepreneurial economies, and prepare their workers with the education and skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century global marketplace. Deliverables in this scope of work included:  1) Supporting and serving as a liaison for Workforce Boards and States 2) working with local Workforce Boards or States to define event agenda and goals.3) Providing support with Workforce Board/State as appropriate to follow through and track event results.  4) Obtaining conference feedback information from state/ workforce board and report to CFBCI. 
    • Access Point Expansion: PEP staff developed and now manages Access Points SHARE Network, an innovative program adopted by the Department of Labor.   The program is designed to meet the needs of the ARRA and incorporates a focus on the Green Jobs Initiative by extending workforce development services into hard to serve populations through the assistance of community and faith-based organizations. Within the scope of this project PEP provides on-site training and program implementation support nationwide.  PEP also provides technical assistance via support tools and online or telephone support of Access Point implementation and expansion.
    • Research, Regional Meetings & Access Point Evaluation Project: PEP provides meeting support services. PEP is currently conducting an evaluation of the USDOL’s national workforce development model “Access Points” with a goal to identify which elements of recruiting, selecting, securing, training, measuring and managing Access Points are the most effective universally, and to provide refinements and local adaptations.  Within th scope of this project PEP develops and provide tools and resources for the purpose of learning and capacity development. The research objective is to focus on identifying best practices that facilitate Faith Based and Community Organizations effectively integrating with the Workforce System and Businesses to prepare people for work in High Growth industries.
  • USDOL/ETA Next Generation: One-Stop ProjectPEP was privileged to have been selected as the contractor to work on the design and implementation support team this project.  The project brought together a group of experts/practitioners to study and make suggestions on how best to transform the old, reliable One-Stop Employment and Training System into a new generation system that builds upon the past yet incorporates the latest thinking and technologies.
  • USDOL/ETA Acquisition of Data Tools and the Provision of Technical Assistance Materials and Sessions for ETA National and Regional Office Staff on the Use of the Data Tools. PEP was selected as the contractor to provide Technical Assistance and Training for this project.  Data Tools procurement initiative researched the latest in technology to support employee skills and career lattices development with employer occupational needs.  PEP supported the procurement of several exciting software tools, assisted with installation in all six ETA regional offices and the National office, and on-site training in the use of these tools.  ETA is now able to support every state across the nation, and ultimately, every One-Stop Career Center.
  • USDOL /ETA Technical Assistance and Training Fiscal and Administrative Grant Management Project.  ETA’s focus with this project was to expand fiscal trainings for fiscal agents, contracting officers, CFOs, accountants, and grant managers of their programs beyond the theory or principles of a particular topic area to address the “practice” of those theories to include realistic tools, actual case studies, exercises and peer to peer training taking each topic area to the intermediate or advanced level of training. Deliverables included coordination of revising and writing scripts for eleven online training modules to be placed on www.workforce3one.org to be used as training tools; coordination of three indirect cost rate trainings in Chicago, Boston and Atlanta; through a subcontract process PEP hired Grant Thornton to provide Technical Assistance to the Human Resources of the Occupational Development Council of Puerto Rico.  The project was in the form of an in-depth financial management review at the state level and two local area offices in the areas of cash management, accrual reporting, and cost distribution.  Grant Thornton provided DOL with a complete report of the review with results and recommendations; PEP coordinated a fee for service and program income training for the state of Colorado Local Workforce Centers; PEP coordinated grantee fiscal trainings for Regions I, II, III, IV and V.  Trainings included hotel site selections, logistics coordination, registration services, binder copy and coordination, and hiring trainers.
  • PEP provides technical assistance to the City of Long Beach’s Workforce Development Bureau. Technical support includes providing industry research, analysis, report writing and recommendations regarding industry best practices, program development, the development of strategic and multi year program plans; planning, coordinating, and implementing youth activities, including a career fair for 1,500 youth; development of youth educational programs; management and facilitation of all activities related to leading the Mayors Medical Industry Taskforce (MIT). 
  • PEP served as prime contractor for the Workforce Excellence Network (WEN), an innovative technical assistance strategy focused on improving the quality of services delivered to youth, jobseekers, unemployed workers, etc. by the nation’s system of 600 WIBs.
  • PEP provides technical assistance to state and local workforce investment service providers, including the Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), One-Stop Centers, and Community-Based and Faith-Based organizations
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