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Resources & Helpful Links

Performance Excellence Categories

Business Results Resources


Organizations & Web Sites

Basic business and finance information. Search engines for the Wall Street Journal databases and other business research.
Resource Type:    Web site
URL:                     www.dowjones.com

Federal Government’s General Accounting Office: Reports
GAO reports and testimony from January 1, 1975 until present with links to available electronic reports. Updated daily.
Resource Type:    Federal Web Site
URL:                     www.gao.gov

Institute of Management and Administration
IOMA, The Institute of Management and Administration, publishes a broad range of high quality information products for business professionals. Each product serves two purposes: to improve the efficiency of IOMA subscribers, and to enhance the financial performance of the firm or organization. Currently, over 180,000 top business professionals rely on IOMA publications every month, and many more access our Special Reports and Electronic Services. IOMA is based in New York City's Midtown area, and has a network of editors throughout North America. IOMA relies heavily on telephone, fax, and online technology to collect data for its newsletters and reports, and guarantees that subscribers receive the information they need in time to make a difference in their decision-making.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
URL:                     www.ioma.com/contacts/aboutus.php

Harvard Business Review
Major publisher of books, periodicals, and articles on business management fundamentals and applications.
Resource Type:    Publisher/Web Site
URL:                     www.hbsp.harvard.edu/products/hbr/ihndex.html

Books & Publications

Economic Evaluation of the Baldrige National Quality Program: Planning Report 01-3
This study, by NIST, is an economic evaluation of the Baldrige National Quality Program.
The analysis assesses:
-the net private benefits associated with the Baldrige National Quality Program to the U.S. private and public sector organizational members of the American Society for Quality,
-via generalization, the net social benefits of the Program aggregate, and ,
-the relationships between economy-wide net benefits traceable and the social costs associated with operating the Program.
The report is available to download from National Institute of Standards and Technology web site.
Resource Type:    Study/Publication
URL:                     www.nist.gov/director/prog-ofc/report01-3.pdf

GAO: WIA Report
In a new report on WIA performance measures, the US General Accounting Office assesses outcomes of the 1998 Workforce Investment Act and makes eight recommendations to USDOL on steps that need to be taken to improve the WIA performance measurement system.
Resource Type:    Online GAO Report
URL:                     www.gao.gov

Lessons from the Top
Lesson from the Top is a collection of short chapters, each offering insights into the management secrets of America’s top 50 business leaders. The book begins and ends with discussion of their methodology and the resulting data analysis that provided the list of 50 leaders interviewed for the book. 1999, Doubleday; ISBN: 0385493436
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Thomas Neff and James Citrin
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Strategies for High Performance: Employee Involvement, TQM, Reengineering Programs for Fortune 100 Corporations
A national study of how U.S. businesses are changing the way they organize and manage employees
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Manual Lawler, Edward, Susan Mohrman, & Gerald Ledford
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Journals, Magazines & Newsletters

IOMA E-Newsletter
A free e-Newsletter from the Institute of Management and Administration, to help you keep abreast of fast-moving changes in today's management practices. IOMA’s e-Newsletters is full of good, quick management information that will help you run your department or company better. The e-Newsletters are delivered to your desktop via email once a month.
Resource Type:    Monthly Newsletter
URL:                     www.ioma.com/ezines/


Customer Market Focus


Organizations & Web Sites

The Academy of Marketing Science
The Academy of Marketing Science is an international membership organization. Through a role of leadership, the Academy is dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of marketing knowledge and the furtherance of marketing practice.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:               The Academy of Marketing Science College of Business
                              Louisiana Tech University
                              PO Box 3072
                              Ruston, LA 71272
Phone:                   318-257-2612
Email:                    ams@latech.edu
URL:                     www.ams-web.org

ACSI, The American Customer Satisfaction Index
Established in 1994, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is a uniform and independent measure of household consumption experience. A powerful economic indicator, the ACSI tracks trends in customer satisfaction and provides benchmarking insights of the consumer economy for companies, industry trade associations, and government agencies. The ACSI is produced through a partnership of the University of Michigan Business School, the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and the international consulting firm CFI Group. The website provides information on training seminars and resources. The online library at this site provides information about books, and videos, as well as self-study tools, newsletters and sample surveys.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.theacsi.org

American Association for Public Opinion Research
AAPOR is an association of about 1,600 individuals who share an interest in public opinion and survey research. Members work in a wide variety of settings, including academic institutions, commercial firms, government agencies and non-profit groups, as both producers and users of survey data. Election polling, collecting statistical data, conducting market research and improving methods for surveying individuals and institutions are just a few of the diverse research interests of AAPOR members.
Resource Type:    Membership Association
Address                American Association for Public Opinion Research
                              111 Deer Lake Rdl, Ste 100
                              Deerfield, IL 60015
Phone:                   847-205-2651
Fax                        847-480-9282
Email:                    info@aapor.org
URL:                     www.aapor.org

American Marketing Association
The American Marketing Association has over 40,000 members worldwide, with nearly 400 chapters throughout North American and Canada. It is an international professional organization for people involved in the practice, study, and teaching of marketing. AMA’s purpose is to promote education; to assist in personal and professional career development among marketing professionals; and to advance the science and ethical practice of marketing disciplines. The web site offers a wide selection of books, publications and resources.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization/Web Site
Address:                311 S Wacker Drive, Suite 5800 Chicago, IL 60606
Phone:                    800-AMA-1150
Fax:                        312-542-9001
Email:                     info@ama.org
URL:                      http://ama.org

ASQ’s Customer Supplier Division
CSD is a division of the American Society for Quality. Since 1991 CSD has been serving ASQ members and others interested in effective customer-supplier relationships by fostering professional development and learning opportunities. CSD’s purpose is to explore, expand and communicate the concepts and practices that lead to effective supplier performance and increased customer satisfaction. Offerings include an annual conference, courses, books and a quarterly newsletter, The Partnership News.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
URL:                     www.asqcsd.org/

The Association of Consumer Research
The Association for Consumer Research is a society of individuals who have a professional interest in consumer research. It is a membership organization whose mission is to advance consumer research and facilitate the exchange of scholarly information among members of academia, industry, and government worldwide.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                Association for Consumer Research
                               Labovitz School of Business & Economics
                               University of Minnesota Duluth
                               11 East Superior Street, Suite 210
                               Duluth, MN 55802
Phone:                    218-726-7853
Fax:                        218-726-6338
Email:                    acr@acrwebsite.org
URL:                     www.acrwebsite.org

Center for Customer Driven Quality (CCDQ)
From Purdue University, CCQD is a research and education organization for behavior in customer access and access channel management issues. The center was founded in 1989 and is dedicated to helping its business partners achieve the highest quality customer access. The center provides issue-focused research and education to partners in access channel management, customer relationship strategy, people, and technology. The site provides access to readings, tools, and links.
Resource Type:    Research Organization/Web Site
Address:                1262 Mathews Hall, Suite 118 West Lafayette, IN 47907
URL:                      www.ccdq.com

The CRM Project
This project represents a comprehensive resource of authoritative knowledge on how companies can gain competitive advantage through the principles of customer relationship management.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                    www.crmproject.com

Sponsored by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, MarketingChat is an online marketing resource designed for the workforce development professional. The site was created to help workforce development professionals share solutions to their marketing challenges. The site provides information on how to successfully market workforce development programs and services through a learning resource center, which contains a library, marketing manual, search engine, and an “ask the expert” option.
Resource Type:    Online Resource Center
URL:                      http://marketingchat.learningframework.net

Market Research
This is one of the many valuable sections of the online resource libraries assembled by Carter McNamara. The web page provides a comprehensive selection of market research “how-to” resources with numerous links to other related material.
Resource Type:    Web Page
URL:                      www.mapnp.org/library/mrktng/mk_rsrch/mk_rsrch.htm

Strategy focused online publication that is updated every two months. Once you get by the web site theme readers will find articles covering several marketing topics including branding, e-commerce and global marketing.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.poolonline.com/main.html

Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals
This site is focused on call center and help desk education, but offers a wide variety of resources. Here you will find information on customer relationship management, customer satisfaction measurement, management and more.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.the-resource-center.com

Resources for Learning about Customer Satisfaction, Measurement, and Management

This site is a web page of customer satisfaction resources from the Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals. Here you will find self-study tools, sample surveys, videos, seminars, books, and videos.
Resource Type:    Resource Web Page
URL:                     www.the-resource-center.com/CATALOGS/csm.HTM

Books & Publications

Accounting for Tastes
This book confronts the issue of preferences and values; application of concepts to customer choice. Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674543572
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Gary Stanley Becker
URL:                      www.amazon.com

Advances in Consumer Research
ACR publishes consumer behavior research, regardless of discipline or affiliation. Advances in Consumer Research is the published version of the Association for Consumer Research U.S. annual meetings. Proceedings for the Asia Pacific, European and Special conferences are also available.
Resource Type:    Conference Publications
URL:                     www.acrwebsite.org

Basic Guide to Nonprofit Program Design and Marketing
This online document guides the reader to design a program and services that are integrated with the organization's mission, strategic planning goals, and needs of clients. The resulting program plan also serves as a straightforward basis from which to write program proposals to funders and conduct program evaluations. References to Web addresses with additional free information are provided in the text of this guide.
Resource Type:    Online Guide
Author:                  Carter McNamara
URL:                      www.managementhelp.org/prog_mng/np_progs.htm

Best Practices in Customer Service
This book was developed by Ron Zemke (of the "Knock Your Socks Off" customer service series of books from AMACOM) and John Woods for HRD Press. It contains 35 articles, all but one of which were written specifically for this book. The contributors are all leading consultants and practitioners in the field of customer service. A detailed description of each article is available online, along with the author’s contact information and web site.
Resource Type:    Book/Online Publication
Authors:                Ron Zemke and John A. Woods
URL:                     www.execpc.com/cwlpubent/bpcs.htm
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Beyond Close to the Customer Video Program
Learn from Tom Peters about the difference between customer delight and customer satisfaction.
Resource Type:    Video
Provider:                CRM Learning
URL:                      www.crmlearning.com

Creating a Customer Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation, and Speed

This book presents a hands-on approach to achieving and sustaining, leadership in quality and customer satisfaction for knowledge and service work. Through the use of exercises the book teaches a systematic approach to create a truly customer-centered culture.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Robin L. Lawton
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Customer Satisfaction
This web page is a section from the free management library at the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits. This section includes categories of information on basics, handling customer complaints, responding to angry customers, and measuring customer satisfaction. There are also sections on general resources, related library links, online discussion group, and local learning communities.
Resource Type:    Resource Web Page
URL:                     www.mapnp.org/library/customer/satisfy.htm

Customer and Market Focus at 3M Dental
How and why customer focus has become a key Dental Products Division business process and a way of life throughout 3M Dental, from the horse's mouth
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                       www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Customer and Market Focus at Boeing A&TP

A&TP's relationship with the US Air Force is one of its most important competitive advantages, depends on both working together as a single team with a shared destiny through joint plans, goals, and reviews.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Customer Relationship Management at Solectron
When you've only got 120 customers, and they're the basis of a $7 billion business, you take good care of them. Here's how the 2-times Baldrige winner does the business.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Customer Satisfaction and Market Share at IBM Rochester
An empirical case study based on 10 years of data from IBM's AS/400 division “to determine if there were any relationships among the numerous measurements that the organization focuses on.” Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Customer Satisfaction Measurement
“Your customers have the answers.” More than a primer, but still a great place to start – a collection of survey and sampling tools, ten tips for better customer questionnaires and a wealth of other useable information and advice.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Management
Using Voice of the Customer, the authors show you, step by step, how to retrieve and utilize vital customer information to implement a customer satisfaction measurement and management program. 1995, ISBN 073894278
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Earl Naumann and Kathleen Giel
URL:                     http://qualitypress.asq.org/

The Customer is Always Right!: Thought Provoking Insights on the Importance of Customer Satisfaction from Today’s Business Leaders
This book seeks to define how companies and institutions view customer satisfaction in a global marketplace that is constantly placing higher demands on quality and service. Kabodian’s goal is to help increase the importance given customer satisfaction in a society that often places greater emphasis on technology and production.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Armen Kabodian
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Designing and Marketing Your Programs
This free, online document is module 7 of the Online Nonprofit Organization Development Program. Much of the contents of this module are from the Nuts-and-Bolts Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, and can be used by anyone as a self-study exercise to learn more about designing and marketing nonprofit programs.
Resource Type:    Online Guide
Author:                  Carter McCnamara
URL:                      www.managementhelp.org/np_progs/mkt_mod/market.htm

Electronic Statistics Textbook
This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and covers a wide variety of applications, including laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, eng The Electronic Textbook begins with an overview of the relevant elementary (pivotal) concepts and continues with a more in depth exploration of specific areas of statistics, organized by "modules," accessible by buttons, representing classes of analytic techniques. A glossary of statistical terms and a list of references for further study are included.
Resource Type:    Free Online Textbook
URL:                     www.statsoft.com/textbook/stathome.html

Beyond the Hype: E-nabling the Sales and Marketing Force
While the over-hyped e-commerce bubble may finally have burst, substantial benefits have accrued to firms who e-nable themselves. This report describes the impact of e-nabling, defined as the implementation of digital and communication technologies for the purposes of improving performance and creating the real-time enterprise. Based on survey responses, executive in-depth interviews, case studies, and a review of the secondary literature, it specifically examines the impact of e-nabling on the sales and marketing functions. Topics covered: Technology, Sales, Marketing Organization, the Web Site and the Distribution Partner.
Resource Type:    Research Report
Author:                  Thomas M. Bodenberg
URL:                     www.conference-board.org/publications/describe.cfm?id=614

The Idea Generator: Quick and Easy Kaizen
The goal of this book is to guide improvement activities throughout the organization: to use creative ideas from all employees to serve both internal and external customers, and to unlock the hidden potential of every employee.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Bunji Tozawa and Norman Bodek
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Innovative Edge: Creating Strategic Breakthrough Using the Voice of the Customer
Authors show, through a step-by-step approach, how to: clearly understand the Voice of the Customer, link customers to long-term game plan, and deploy the plan throughout your group, division, or company.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                William Barnard and Thomas F. Wallace
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Listening to the Voice of the Customer
This is a how-to manual that takes you step-by-step through the design, implementation and analysis of a customer satisfaction measurement program. The books 16 chapters are organized in logical sequence for setting up a complete program.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Anton and Debra Perkins
URL:                     www.the-resource-center.com

Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation
The activities of program design, marketing and evaluation are highly integrated with each other. This guidebook provides clear, concise and comprehensive guidelines for all critical aspects of designing, marketing and evaluating a nonprofit program. Guidelines are written in an easy-to-implement style, resulting in a highly practical resource that can be referenced at any time during the life of a nonprofit program.
Resource Type:    Book/Guide
Author:                  Carter McNamara
URL:                     www.authenticityconsulting.com/pubs/PG_gdes/PG_pubs.htm

Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
This book is a new edition of a standard text first published in 1975. Revisions reflect the fact that the field is no longer dominated by pioneers; the nonprofit sector has become more international; a dramatic growth has occurred in marketing to ameliorate social problems; and the field has come into its own within the academic field of marketing. Coverage includes developing a customer orientation, strategic planning and organization, developing and organizing resources, designing the marketing mix, and controlling marketing strategies.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Phillip Kotler
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Turned On – Eight Vital Insights to Energize Your People, Customers, and Profits
This book is an inspiring look behind the scenes of turned-on hospitals, inner-city communities, and companies like Intel, Levi Strauss & Co., USAA, and Ritz-Carlton. It captures the Eight Vital Insights of customer service that immediately affect a company’s long-term vitality and bottom line. Harper Business, ISBN 0887307663
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Roger Dow and Susan Cook
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Online Library

This business publications search engine includes a marketing section that is broken into the following categories: affiliate marketing, branding, internet marketing, and viral marketing, as well as several related categories. At this site you can also access The Marketing Minute, an online publication that offers free business content for your Web site and marketing tips.
Resource Type:    Business Publication Search Engine
URL:                     www.bpubs.com/Marketing_and_Sales/


Managing the Customer Satisfaction Process
A self-study course--contains a three ring binder, two multiple choice tests, and one CEU upon completion. Course presents an organized, systematic method of identifying, measuring, and monitoring customer requirements and satisfaction to improve profits and beat the competition. A variety of charts and graphs guide you throughout the course.
Resource Type:    Self-study Course
Address:                The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals
                               PO Box 401, Western Springs, IL 60558
Phone:                    708-246-0320
Fax:                        708-246-0251
URL:                      www.the-resource-center.com/WORKBKS


Applied Marketing Science, Inc. (AMS)
Applied Marketing Science, Inc. is a market research and consulting firm specializing in Voice of the Customer (VOC) studies. The company helps its clients to understand customer wants and needs, and translate them into product and service design specifications using QFD and other tools. AMS also has an active litigation support practice, providing skilled expert witness consulting to law firms. AMS advise attorneys on a broad range of consumer behavior and marketing issues, encompassing intellectual property, fraud, antitrust, and class certification matters.
Resource Type:    Consultant Organization
Address:                Applied Marketing Science, Inc.
                               303 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02415
Phone:                    781-684-1230
Fax:                        781-684-0075
URL:                      www.ams-inc.com/

InfoSpan, Inc. The Marketing Research Professionals
Founded in 1985, InfoSpan is a consultant organization that delivers cost effective research to clients throughout Canada and the U.S. This organization provides project design, analysis and recommendations; telephone and personal surveys throughout North America; focus groups-design, moderating, and analysis; and executive interviewing. The web site offers information on how to use customer satisfaction measurement to realize profit increases and how to improve market share with a competitive intelligence program.
Resource Type:    Consultant Organization/Web Site
Address:                InfoSpan, Inc.
                              716 The West Mall, Suite 1801
                              Toronto, Ontario M9C 4X6
Phone:                   416-626-1098
E-mail:                   infospan.research@gmail.com
URL:                      http://www.infospan.ca/

Satisfaction Consultants
Satisfaction Consultants (formally known as Naumann & Associates) is an integrated research and consultant firm that focuses on the area of customer value, customer satisfaction measurement, and customer loyalty. Founded by Dr. Earl Naumann in 1992, this company has worked with organizations from around the world to help them become more customer driven through research, consulting, training videos, executive presentations, seminars and workshops.
Resource Type:    Research/Consultants
Phone:                    800- 408-9372
Email:                     info@satisfactionconsultants.com
URL:                      http://www.satisfactionconsultants.com/

Updated: 8/28/2010


Human Resource Focus Resources


Organizations & Web Sites

Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD)
The Academy of Human Resource Development was formed to encourage systematic study of human resource development theories, processes, and practices; to disseminate information about HRD, to encourage the application of HRD research findings, and to provide opportunities for social interaction among individuals with scholarly and professional interests in HRD from multiple disciplines and from across the globe.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                Academy of Human Resource Development
                              1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
                               St. Paul, Minnesota 55114
Phone:                    651-290-7466
Fax:                        651-290-2266
Email:                     office@ahrd.org
URL:                      www.ahrd.org

American Educational Research Association
The American Educational Research Association is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.
AERA is the most prominent international professional organization with the primary goal of advancing educational research and its practical application. Its more than 22,000 members are educators; administrators; directors of research, testing or evaluation in federal, state and local agencies; counselors; evaluators; graduate students; and behavioral scientists.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                The American Educational Research Association
                               1430 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005
Phone:                    202- 238-3200
Fax:                        202- 238-3250
URL:                      http://www.aera.net/

American Management Association
American Management Association is dedicated to building the knowledge, skills and behaviors that will help business professionals and their organizations grow and prosper.
Since 1923, the American Management Association has provided training and business tools needed to improve personal performance and organizational success. Today AMA, a global not-for-profit, membership-based association, provides a full range of management development and educational services to individuals, companies and government agencies throughout the world.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                American Management Association
                               1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Phone:                    212-586-8100
Fax:                        212-903-8168
URL:                      www.amanet.org

American Society for Quality
The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the world's leading authority on quality. With more than 100,000 individual and organizational members, this professional association advances learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results, and to create better workplaces and communities worldwide. As champion of the quality movement, ASQ offers technologies, concepts, tools, and training to quality professionals, quality practitioners, and everyday consumers, encouraging all to Make Good Great®
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:               American Society for quality
                              P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005 or
                              600 North Plankinton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Phone:                   800-248-1946
Fax:                       414-272-1734
E-mail:                   help@asq.org
URL:                     www.asq.org

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
ASTD is a professional association for training and workplace learning practitioners. The organization provides leadership to individuals, organizations and society in achieving work-related competence, performance and fulfillment.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                American Society for Training and Development
                              1640 King Streed, Box 1443; Alexandria, VA 22313-2043
Phone:                   800-683-8100
Fax:                       703-683-8103
Email:                    customercare@astd.org
URL:                      www.astd.org

Association for Educational Communications and Technology
The mission of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology is to provide leadership in educational communications and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process. Website provides an online store, publications, information on conferences, and a job center.
Resource Type:    Professional Membership Organization
Address:                1800 N. Stonelake Dr. Suite 2, Bloomington, IN • 47404
Phone:                    812-335-7675
Email:                     aect@aect.org
URL:                      www.aect.org

Association for Experiential Education
The mission of the Association for Experiential Education is to develop and promote experiential education. The Association is committed to support professional development, theoretical advancement, and evaluation of experiential education worldwide.
Resource Type:    Association for Experiential Education
                               3775 Iris Avenue, Suite #4, Boulder, CO 80301-2043
Phone:                    303-440-8844
Fax:                        303-440-9581
Email:                     info@aee.org
URL:                      www.aee.org

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development is an international, nonprofit, nonpartisan association of professional educators whose jobs cross all grade levels and subject areas. Founded in 1943, ASCD's mission is to forge covenants in teaching and learning for the success of all learners. Their web site provides a Reading Room, Education News, Training Opportunities, Special Programs, and an online store.
Resource Type:    Professional Membership
Org. Address:       The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
                              1703 North Beauregard Street
                              Alexandria, VA 22311-1714
Phone:                   800-933-2723
Fax:                       703-575-5400
Email:                    member@ascd.org
URL:                     www.ascd.org

Human Resource Planning Society (HRPS)
HRPS is a non-profit organization representing a mix of leading-edge thinkers and practitioners in business, industry, consulting and academia around the world.
HRPS is committed to improving organizational performance by creating a global network of individuals who function as business partners in the application of strategic human resource management practices to their organizations. The Society actively works to enhance this network through a coordinated blend of conferences featuring top HR speakers from around the world.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                The Human Resource Planning Society
                               401 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone:                    312.321.6805
Fax:                        312.673.6944
Email:                     info@hrps.org
URL:                      www.hrps.org

International Association for Continuing Education and Training
The International Association for Continuing Education and Training is a non-profit association dedicated to quality continuing education and training programs. IACET certifies education providers that meet strict continuing education guidelines created in 1968. IACET certification is the standard learners seek for quality. IACET's Criteria and Guidelines are the core of thousands of educational programs worldwide.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102
Phone:                    703- 506-3275
Fax:                        703- 506-3266
URL:                      www.iacet.org

International Society for Performance Improvement
Founded in 1962, the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. ISPI represents more than 10,000 international and chapter members throughout the United States, Canada, and 40 other countries. ISPI's mission is to develop and recognize the proficiency of its members and advocate the use of Human Performance Technology. Assembling an Annual Conference & Expo and other educational events like the Institute, publishing books and periodicals, and supporting research are some of the ways ISPI works toward achieving their mission.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization/Web Site
Address:                1400 Spring Street, Suite 400, Silver Spring, MD USA 20910-2753
Phone:                    1-301-587-8570
Fax:                        1-301-587-8573
Email:                     info@ispi.org
URL:                      www.ispi.org

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

ISTE is a nonprofit professional organization with a worldwide membership of leaders and potential leaders in educational technology. ISTE is dedicated to promoting appropriate uses of information technology to support and improve learning, teaching, and administration in K–12 education and teacher education. ISTE’s role is leadership—providing its members with information, networking opportunities, and guidance as they face the challenge of incorporating computers, the Internet, and other new technologies into their schools and programs.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                ISTE
                              1710 Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036
                              180 West 8th Ave., Suite 300, Eugene, OR 97401-2916 (Operations)
Phone:                    800.336.5191 (U.S. & Canada)
Phone:                    541-302-3777 (International)
Fax:                        541-302-3778
Email:                     iste@iste.org
URL:                      www.iste.org

Intute: Social Sciences
Intute is a free online service that helps you to find the best web resources for your studies and research. Our subject specialists review and evaluate thousands of resources to help you choose the key websites in your subject. They can also help develop Internet research skills through their Virtual Training Suite tutorials , written by lecturers and librarians from universities across the UK.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      http://www.intute.ac.uk/socialsciences/

National Career Development Society
The National Career Development Society is an organization of career development providers and a Division of the American Counseling Association. The site provides numerous links to career-related information and organizations.
Address:    NCDA Headquarters
                  305 N. Beech Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone:       918-663-7060
Fax:           918-663-7058
Email:        webeditor@ncda.org
URL:         www.ncda.org

Performance Management Company
A training web site filled with training and team building tools. Here you will find information on teambuilding, creativity, communications, change management, and leadership development.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Address:                Performance Management Company
                              3 Old Oak Drive, Taylors, SC 29687-6624
Phone:                   864-292-8700
Email:                    Scott@SquareWheels.com
URL:                     www.squarewheels.com/

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
SHRM provides education and information services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, online services and publications to more than 125,000 professional and student members throughout the world.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                1800 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone:                    703-548-3440
Fax:                        703-535-6490
Email:                     shrm@shrm.org
URL:                      www.shrm.org

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Division 14 of the American Psychological Association; membership devoted to practice and research of organizational, personnel and industrial psychology; application to human resources, workplace behavior, and organizational change.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                440 E Poe Rd, Ste 101
                              Bowling Green, OH 43402-0087
Phone:                   419-353-0032
Fax:                       419-3522645
Email:                    SIOP@siop.org
URL:                     www.siop.org

TypLogic is a resource for Psychological Type Profiles. This site includes numerous links to related web sites.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.typelogic.com

Training Information Source, Inc.
The Training Information Source is an online database of training and development resources covering a large range of human resource topics, from career development to international management.
Resource Type:    Online Data Base
Email:                    info@training-info.com
Web site:               www.training-info.com

The Training Registry
The Training Registry is a directory of trainers, consultants, training seminars & workshops, computer labs & classrooms and keynote speakers. You will find hundreds of trainers & consultants and training topics, and thousands of training seminars & workshops covering all delivery media, including instructor led, online courses, computer based training, videos, and more.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.trainingregistry.com

Workforce Online
Formerly HR Headquarters, this site boasts "the world's largest database of seminars and conferences"-more than 150,000 training programs, allowing visitors to search and register.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.workforceonline.com/

Books & Publications

Are Workplace Bullies Sabotaging Your Ability to Compete?
In this online article the authors describe bullying practices, suggest ways to deal with it, and explain possible legal ramifications, as well as competitive ones, if allowed to go unchecked.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
Authors:                 Linnea McCord and John Richardson
URL:                      http://gbr.pepperdine.edu/014/bullies.html

The ASTD Handbook of Training Design and Delivery
This comprehensive companion volume to the bestselling ASTD Training and Development Handbook helps trainers design classroom, self-study, or technology-based training programs. Delivering the latest information on how adults learn best and human performance technology, it shows trainers how to prepare lesson plans, create visual aids, and deliver highly memorable presentations.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  George M. Piskurich
URL:                      www.amazon.com

But What Have You Done for Them Lately?
Companies are combating brain drain by instituting formal career development programs that also drive productivity and profitability. A look at career development programs that have taken on a new sense of urgency.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
Author:                  Carol Madigan
URL:                      www.businessfinancemag.com/archives/appfiles/

Case Study: Knowledge Portal at Cisco
Here's how Cisco and their partner VisionCor designed, developed, and deployed a knowledge portal that provides service and support managers with a single source for learning, performance support, and ongoing knowledge sharing needs.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.learningcircuits.org/2002/may2002/schneble.html

Caught in the Act: How to Acknowledge People Without Turning Them Off
How to acknowledge people without turning them off - keys to better performance and how to create a culture of appreciation.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
Author:                   Jody Urquhart
URL:                      www.refresher.com/!urquhart.html

Competitive Advantage Through People: Unleashing the Power of the Work Force
This book demonstrates how companies of all sizes and in all industries can dramatically improve performance by redefining relationships with workers.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Jeffrey Pfeffer
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Douglas McGregor, Revisited: Managing the Human Side of the Enterprise
In this book authors resurrect many of the observations of Douglas McGregor and place them into a current context.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Gary Heil, Warren G. Bennis, and Deborah C. Stephens
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Electronic Performance Support Systems
The importance of Gery's work in the field of supporting work with situated, task oriented knowledge cannot be overstated. An acknowledged authority in the field of computer based training, she noticed in the late 1980's that training given prior to a task was not able to satisfy the various competency requirements of present day work environments. At the same time computer technologies had developed rapidly and in the late 1980's possibilities like multimedia and local area networking emerged to widespread use. Putting these pulls and pushes together, Gery devised a totally new paradigm she called electronic performance support systems or EPSS for short and distilled her theses into this book. In spite of the ten years since this book has been written, it is still amazingly relevant.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Gloria Gery
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Emotional Intelligence
In this book, based on brain and behavioral research, Daniel Goleman argues that our IQ-idolizing view of intelligence is far too narrow. Instead, Goleman makes the case for "emotional intelligence" being the strongest indicator of human success. He defines emotional intelligence in terms of self-awareness, altruism, personal motivation, empathy, and the ability to love and be loved by friends, partners, and family members. People who possess high emotional intelligence are the people who truly succeed in work as well as play, building flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful relationships. Because emotional intelligence isn't fixed at birth, Goleman outlines how adults as well as parents of young children can sow the seeds.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Daniel Goleman
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Employee Development
A Baldrige winner's employee development program – the why, how, and for whom – with program details, curricula and testimonials
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Employee Satisfaction Survey
Based on 1998 Baldrige winner Solar Turbines' workplace example – best practice in satisfaction surveying.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Empowered Teams: Creating Self-Directed Work Groups that Improve Quality, Productivity, and Participation
Drawing on a survey of 500 organizations and an in-depth study of 28 companies, the authors provide a blueprint for successful, self-directed teams, offering advice on overcoming the organization’s initial resistance to change, selecting team leaders and team players, defining roles, and training the team.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Richard S. Wellins and William C. Byham
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute
The author of The One Minute Manager switches gears and tells you not to manage your employees minute-by-minute. Instead, Ken Blanchard advocates and explains the notion of empowerment - giving your employees the information and authority to act and make decisions on their own, within a structured set of organizational goals and values. Presented as the story of a turnaround manager getting tutored by an empowerment mentor, the book establishes the fundamentals of the theory of empowerment.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Ken Blanchard
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the Kind of Person Every Team Wants
This book is another in a long list of titles by John Maxwell aimed at helping people attain their personal and leadership potential in the workplace.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  John C. Maxwell
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Exploring Personality: An Intellectual Odyssey
The first in a monograph series published by CQM - The Center for Quality of Management and INTERACT, The Institute for Interactive Management.
An extension of C.G. Jung's psychological types, introversion and extroversion, and a wide variety of its applications to everyday life and business.
Resource Type: Book
Author: Russell Ackoff
URL: www.cqm.org/books/index.html#ims

Get With The Program!
This online article describes the characteristics of effective orientation programs.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
Author:                  Katherine Mieszkowski
URL:                     www.fastcompany.com/online/13/program.html

Granite Rock's IPDP
Almost everyone is a candidate and it's not about promotion or pay. This is Granite Rock's comprehensive process for integrating the company's human resource needs and quality objectives with worker's aspirations and abilities through education and training.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results
Focuses on four HR outcomes: strategy, execution, administrative efficiency, employee contribution, and capacity for change. Argues that HR work is patterned in bureaucratic ways and that major changes are needed. HR people serve as strategic players, administrative experts, employee champions and change agents. Full of illustrations and examples from dozens of companies, this book shows how HR professionals can operate in all four areas simultaneously.
Resource Type:    Book
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Human Resource Focus
This publication is a four page, detailed description of the Human Resource Focus category of the Baldrige criteria.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/images/HRHandbook.pdf

Human Resource Focus at 3M Dental
Employee satisfaction, development, and productivity are key business drivers and management believes that responsibility for cost, quality, service, and development should be assigned to the employees closest to the job.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Human Resource Focus at Boeing A&TP
A&T's goals and objectives are achieved through team-based work design, supported by a process-oriented culture, teaming and employee involvement.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Mastering Virtual Teams
Technology and globalization have combined to thrust “virtual meetings” into an increasingly important place on today’s overall business stage. Members of almost any workplace team can communicate and collaborate regardless of physical location. Designed for those who work in-as well as lead-such teams, itr is divided into sections that focus on their unique inherent complexities, their creation, and their operation. Real-life examples and the authors’ experienced observations are complemented by an abundance of helpful checklists and practical exercises.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Deborah L. Duarte and Nancy Tennant Snyder
URL:                     www.amazon.com

10 Minute Guide to Teams and Teamwork
In 15 lessons, readers learn about why teams are important in organizations today and how to successfully implement teams, including teamwork values, types of teams, team leadership, team meetings, team decision making, self-directed teams, dealing with team problems, and more. A compact but complete guide to using teams in any organization, featuring ideas, techniques, and procedures for helping team members collaborate in ways that lower costs and improve quality.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  John A. Woods
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Performance Appraisal
One more time: Just what's wrong with performance appraisal – an interview with Peter Scholtes.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Please Don’t Just do What I Tell You, Do What Needs to Be Done: Every Employees Guide to Making Work More Rewarding
This book is filled with brief anecdotes of people who did more than their day-to-day duties. The author explains how to take the initiative and make one's job better or one's customers happier. Each of these brief chapters has a title that itself is a lesson "Turn Needs into Opportunities," "Learn to Enjoy Those Things Others Hate to Do" and "Regroup When Your Ideas Meet Resistance." His basic point is one of empowerment: think bigger, he urges, figure out "what needs to be done" beyond the confines of your job description and do it.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Bob Nelson and Ken Blanchard
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Practice What You Preach: What Managers Must Do to Create High-Achievement Culture
David H Master, a specialist in the management of professional service firms, surveyed 29 firms in 15 countries to determine whether positive employee attitudes really correlate to corporate success.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  David H Master
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Staffing the New Workplace: Selecting and Promoting For Quality Improvement
This book offers proven techniques for recruiting, assessing, selecting, and promoting employees for today’s quality-oriented workplace. It treats the unique issues of staffing in the context of quality improvement and provides detailed guidance on how to design and implement the best staffing plan. This systematic approach to staffing is presented as a process to improve each component, thereby strengthening the link between your firm’s strategic quality initiative and the entire staffing process. ISBN 0873893611
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Morgan, Ronald and Smith, Jack E.
Web site:               www.amazon.com

“Just because it looks like a team and talks like a team doesn't mean …,” a collection of material on teams … information from a web site by specialist Will Mays, and a discussion by Dr Brian D Janz of the FedEx Center for Cycle Time Research at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

The Team Handbook
The new edition of this classic take y9u beyond improvement teams to work teams and the teams of today. Excellent resource for accomplishing the work of teams in your organization.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Peter R. Scholtes, Brian L. Joiner, and Barbara J. Steibel
Web Site:              www.amazon.com

Performance-Based Instruction, includes a Microsoft Word diskette : Linking Training to Business Results
You see the performance and productivity expectations. With this book as your guide, you'll pinpoint the goal, you'll find the gap between that goal and where you are now, and then you'll close the gap. Using these designs, you will clarify job expectations and foster pride and confidence in employees' work performance. The Manual appendix gives you specific pointers on using this book as a guide in an HRD department, as a text in an academic setting, or as a professional development tool for practitioners. The enclosed diskette gives you an electronic, customizable source of quick-implementation job aids.
Resource Type:    Book & Diskette
Authors:                Dale M. M. Brethower Karolyn A. Smalley Larry Alexander
URL:                     www.bn.com

Wellness in the Workplace
A comprehensive wellness program yields employee health and business benefits
Resource Type:    Online article
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Online Library

BPubs.com: Human Resources
This site is the Human Resource Management section of the PBubs.com business search engine. Here you will find hundreds of online publications and resources dealing with all aspects of human resource management.
Resource Type:    Online Library
URL:                     www.bpubs.com/Human_Resources/


Human Resource Development Program at The George Washington University
The George Washington University boasts the oldest Human Resource Development training program in the United States. The program offers Master's and doctoral degrees in six different locations across the nation and in Asia. Included are a variety of course topics designed to enhance critical thinking skills by examining organizational processes and structures to improve workplace performance.
Resource Type:    University Program
Address:                The George Washington University
                                44983 Knoll Square, Suite 391
                               Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone:                    703-726-8396
Email:                     elpnow@gwu.edu
URL:                      http://chaos.va.gwu.edu

National Career Development Association
The National Career Development Association (NCDA) is a division of the American Counseling Association (ACA). The mission of NCDA is to promote the career development of all people over the life span. To achieve this mission, NCDA provides service to the public and professionals involved with or interested in career development, including professional development activities, publications, research, public information, professional standards, advocacy, and recognition for achievement and service.
Address:    National Career Development Association
                   c/o Creative Management Alliance
                   305 N. Beech Circle
                   Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone:        918-663-7060
Fax:            918-663-7058
Email:         webeditor@ncda.org
URL:           www.ncda.org/

Penn State Management Development

Approaching 100 years, Penn State Management Development Programs and Services (MDP&S) has provided education and training to businesses and organizations to help them improve and grow. With students from countries around the globe, the nation, and the Commonwealth, MDP&S provides management and human resource continuing education services to business and industry. Since its inception, MDP&S has assisted more than 5,000 corporations, businesses, agencies, health care organizations, and associations.
Resource Type:    University Program
URL:                     http://mdev.outreach.psu.edu

TrainingDepartment.com is an Internet-based Training system that offers 24-hour access to a custom online training intranet. This secure, Web-Based Training Intranet system offers all the built-in tools you need to build, manage and distribute training and performance improvement to your organization 24-hours a day, anywhere they may require it.
Resource Type:    Internet-based Training System
Address:               1001 Craig Road, Suite 260
                              St. Louis, MO 63146
Phone:                   800-993-0240
Fax:                       314-317-2202
Email:                    info@trainingdepartment.com
URL:                     www.trainingdepartment.com

Training Magazine Events
Training Magazine Events’ world-class conferences, expositions and e-newsletters focus on job-related, employer sponsored training and education in the working world — from the latest developments in training, online learning and knowledge management to the most cutting-edge tools and techniques in performance support and presentation design and delivery.
Resource Type:    Media and Information Company
Phone:                   704-900-5116
Fax:                       703-488-2725
Email:                    sean.nodland@nielsen.com
URL:                     http://www.trainingmagevents.com/learninggroup/index.jsp


Connect4Training's mission is to provide services that assist leading employers to source, evaluate, purchase and manage training services & products that will help them develop their human capital. Connect4Training offers its clients and corporate members knowledge, expertise, and systems, helping them to make their purchasing decisions more effectively. Since 1992, Connect4Training's business has been bringing organizations that purchase training together with firms that develop and market training products& services. This company works with organizations to find, qualify, and select training firms that best-fit client needs. In addition, Connect4Training has a membership-based self-service online system that lets training managers search Connect4Training's database on their own.
Resource Type:    Consulting Organization/Web Site
URL:                      www.connect4training.com

CRM Learning
This organization provides training resources designed to help employees improve their performance in leadership, management/supervision, communication, customer service, sales, and more. Site includes a large library of training videos to choose from.
Resource Type:    Consultant Organization/Web Site
Address:                2218 Faraday Ave. Ste. 110
                              Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone:                    800-421-0833 or 760-431-9800
Fax:                        760-931-5792
URL:                      www.crmlearning.com/

Human Resource Consulting: Drake Englesi Milardo
Drake Inglesi Milardo is a New England-based human resources consulting firm providing a wide range of services to both Fortune 500 companies as well as local organizations. The organization offers services in the following areas: Outplacement and Career Transition Services, Candidate and Career Assessments, Individual Career Planning and Development, Corporate Surveys, Organization and Team Development Executive Coaching, Life/Career Planning, Management and Leadership Training, and Human Resource Services.
Resource Type:    Consulting Organization
Address:                Fifty Portland Pier
                               Portland, ME 04101
Phone:                    207-772-2823
Fax:                        207-772-2071
Email:                    dimi@dimihr.com
URL:                      www.dimihr.com

Mercer Human Resource Consulting

Mercer Human Resource Consulting helps clients understand, develop, implement, and quantify the effectiveness of their human resource programs and policies. The goal of this organization is to help employers create measurable business results through their people. Mercer works with clients to address an array of human resource issues domestically and globally. This consulting organization has specialist expertise in all areas of human resource consulting, including compensation, employee benefits, communication, and human capital strategy. The organization has offices located in major cities throughout the U.S.
Resource Type:    HR Consulting Organization
URL:                     www.mercer.com

Performance Leadership Consulting
Performance Leadership consulting is a company that specializes in increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and quality for business, industry and government organizations. Promotes leadership as a relationship that puts people on a more equal footing and allows everyone to be a leader.
Resource Type:    Performance Consulting
Address:                Performance Leadership Consulting
                              23 Unutsi Court
                              Brevard, North Carolina 28712
Phone:                   828-507-3171
Email:                    janisallen@janisallen.com
URL:                     www.janisallen.com/


Info and Analysis Resources


Organizations & Web Sites

American Evaluation Association
The American Evaluation Association is an international professional association of evaluators devoted to the application and exploration of program evaluation, personnel evaluation, technology, and many other forms of evaluation. Evaluation involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, personnel, products, and organizations to improve their effectiveness.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                American Evaluation Association
                              16 Sconticut Neck Rd #290
                               Fairhaven MA 02719
Phone:                    888-232-2275
Fax:                        508-748-3158
Email:                     susan@eval.org
URL:                       www.eval.org/

American National Standards Institute
ANSI is a private, non-profit membership organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. The Institute’s mission is to enhance the global competitiveness of US business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguarding their integrity. Resources at the site include a model framework, various reports and management tools.
Resource Type:    Organization/Web Site
Address:                American National Standards Institute
                              1819 L Street N.W. Suite 600
                              Washington, DC 20036
Phone:                    202-293-8020
Fax:                        202-293-9287
Email:                     info@ansi.org
URL:                      www.ansi.org

American Statistical Association: Quality and Productivity Section
The mission of this Association is to promote quality and productivity through the development, teaching, and proper application of statistical thinking and tools. Site includes links to other quality and productivity sites, a quality and productivity newsletter, and an engineering statistics handbook.
Resource Type:    Association/Web site
Address:                American Statistical Association
                               732 North Washington Street
                               Alexandria, VA 22314-1943
Phone:                    703- 684-1221 or Toll-free: 888-231-3473
Fax:                        703-684-2037
Email:                     asainfo@amstat.org
URL:                       http://www.amstat-online.org/sections/qp/

The Benchmarking Exchange
The Benchmark Exchange (TBE) is a membership organization that provides Information and links to various benchmarking related issues and sites. It claims to be the only benchmarking and best practices network. TBE conducts ongoing benchmark surveys with organizations and individuals around the world. The site offers a free, online, self assessment and action planning using the Baldrige profile for business. However, recommendations on possible benchmark areas based on the assessment require membership.
Resource Type:    Research Organization
Address:                The Benchmark Exchange
                               437 Coates Drive
                               Aptos, CA 95003
Email:                     cso@benchnet.com
URL:                      www.benchnet.com

Best Manufacturing Practices
The BPM Program is an industry and government cooperative technology transfer effort that improves the global competitiveness of the U.S. Industrial base. The primary objective is to identify and validate best practices, document them, and then encourage industry, government, and academia to share information about them. The site offers access to best practice surveys, an electronic library, the BMP program and links to other quality sites.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Address:                1367 S. Garfield Ave.
                               Loveland, CO 80537
Phone:                    970-203-9332 or 800-700-2831
Email:                     bpr@prosci.com.
URL:                      www.prosci.com/bpr_ah1.htm

Foundation for Performance Measurement
The Foundation is a membership association of educators, business, government, and consultant specialists interested in improving organizational performance. Established in 1992, the Foundation meets several times each year in Europe and in the U.S. to discuss current issues and trends in performance management. The U.S. Foundation operates on a "not for profit" basis, and was started in 1997. The Foundation also holds training courses to advance the art and science of performance measurement and performance-based management techniques. The current offering of training courses includes balanced scorecard, developing measures for government and private industry, developing high-performance organizations, and improving performance in Federal, state, and local government agencies.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Phone:                   202-251-7676
Fax:                       202-318-0665
Email:                    info@fpm.com
URL:                     www.fpm.com

Georgia Tech Center for International Standards & Quality
Part of the Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute, CISQ provides quality and international standards training and assistance in ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 1400, QS-9000 and quality and environmental management systems.
Resource Type:    University Training Organization
Address:                Economic Development Institute
                               Georgia Institute of Technology
                               Atlanta, GA 30322-0640
Phone:                    888-272-2140
Fax:                        404-894-1192
URL:                      http://www.gatech.edu/economicdevelopment/

GPRA and Performance Management
OMB's Program Assessment Rating Tool directs agencies to performance-based budgeting through the integration of GPRA goals directly into the budget. These outcome-oriented goals are defined first in the Strategic Plan, from which are derived Annual Performance Plan goals. OMB now expects agencies to align annual goals and measures with the requested funding levels in a manner that shows how the budget supports achieving specific program results. This web site provides information about GPRA and Performance Management, including items addressing:
  • the origin, intent and requirements of GPRA
  • GPRA's relationship to other federal management reforms,
  • Performance-Based Budgeting
  • the President's Management Agenda,
  • OMB's Program Assessment Rating Tool, and
  • Activity-Based Costing/Management.
Resource Type:    Federal Agency Web Site
Address:                Strategisys LLC
                               6561 Grange Lane, Suite 403
                               Alexandria, VA 22315
Phone:                    703-924-2820
Fax:                        253-540-0270
Email:                     contact@strategisys.com
URL:                      www.john-mercer.com/index.htm

i-Six Sigma
This site provides an extensive array of Six Sigma resources for achieving Six Sigma results. It contains a quality directory, best practices, certifications and awards, consultants, methodologies, a free newsletter and much more. Six Sigma is a rigorous and disciplined methodology that uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve a company's operational performance by identifying and eliminating "defects" in manufacturing and service-related processes. Commonly defined as 3.4 defects per million opportunities, Six Sigma can be defined and understood at three distinct levels: metric, methodology and philosophy.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.isixsigma.com

Innovation Network
The Innovation Network is a national non profit dedicated to building the evaluation capacity of public and non profit organizations, so they can better serve their communities. The Network offers consulting, workshops, and technology tools, as well as free publications, definitions, samples, and links. The site is dedicated to public and non profit organizations, but offers resources for anyone interested in evaluating their organization.
Resource Type:    Organization/Web Site
Address:                Innovation Network, Inc.
                              1625 K Street, NW, 11th Floor
                              Washington, DC 20006
Phone:                   202-728-0727
Fax:                       202-728-0136
URL:                     www.innonet.org

ISO 9000
The ISO 9000 International Standards for Quality Management is a group of related standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which have won general acceptance world-wide as a means for establishing quality requirement in industry and technology. This web page represents a subject guide within NASA’s research library. In addition to information on ISO 9000, the page offers links to a variety of related quality websites.
Resource Type:    Web Page/Electronic Library
URL:                     http://www.iso.org/iso/management_standards.htm

National Institute for Standards and Technology
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Technology Administration. Founded in 1901, NIST works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards. NIST manages the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program. The web site provides information on the Baldrige National Quality Award process, application forms, and instructions/ information on other Baldrige Program materials.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                National Institute of Standards and Technology
                              100 Bureau Drive
                              Gaithersburg, MD 20899-0001
Phone:                   301-975-2036
Fax:                       301-948-3716
Email:                    baldrige@nist.gov
URL:                     www.quality.nist.gov

The Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals
The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is a global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Our mission is to enhance the skills of knowledge professionals in order to help their companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Specifically, SCIP provides education and networking opportunities for business professionals working in the rapidly growing field of competitive intelligence (the legal and ethical collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and intentions of business competitors). Many SCIP members have backgrounds in market research, strategic analysis, or science and technology.
Established in 1986, today SCIP has over 50 chapters around the world, with individual members in more than 50 nations. In addition, SCIP has alliance partnerships with independent affiliate organizations in many countries.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                SCIP
                              1700 Diagonal Road, Suite 600
                              Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone:                   703-739-0696
Fax:                       703-739-2524
Email:                    info@scip.org
URL:                     www.scip.org

Toolpack: Organizational Development Tools that Bring Durable Results
At this page of a consultant website you will find information on the balanced scorecard.
Resource Type:    Web Page
Address:                Toolpack Consulting
                               Box 811
                               Teaneck, NJ 07666
Phone:                    201-836-7622
URL:                      www.toolpack.com/scorecard.html

United Way of America/Outcome Measurement Resource Network
The Resource Network's purpose is to provide United Way of America's and other organizations' outcome measurement resources and learning. The Network provides UWA resources, including the Performance Outcome Measurement Model, and an online resource library.
Resource Type:    Organization/Web Site
Address:                701 N. Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
URL:                      http://www.liveunited.org/outcomes/

The W. Edwards Deming Institute/Co-operative
Provides resources (conferences, consultants, publications, videos and materials) that focus on the understanding, application and extension of the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, management consultant on quality and statistical methods.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Email:                    staff@deming.edu
URL:                     www.deming.edu

Books & Publications

Achieving Organization Excellence through the Performance Measurement System
This publication is a consortium benchmarking study best practice report. Subject matter experts Clyde Boysen and Sam Shake explore how organizations use financial and non- financial measures to achieve their goals. This report presents findings in:
  • alignment of and commitment to the performance measurement system,
  • creating and applying effective measurement approaches,
  • communicating the goals and results
  • integration of the system with other programs and assessment tools, and
  • measuring and acting on the outcomes of the performance measurement system.
Published by the American Productivity and Quality Center. The executive summary of the report is available for free download from the APQC web site.
Resource Type:    Best Practices Report
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

APQC's Passport to Success Series/Benchmarking
As one of the titles in the American Productivity & Quality Center’s Passport to Success series, Benchmarking: A Guide for Your Journey to Best-Practice Processes provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to achieve benchmarking success.
Based on years of research into the practices of leading organizations, this book highlights various types of benchmarking and APQC’s benchmarking methodology. Supported by examples of best practices and tips from actual practitioners, it examines preparation and planning, participation, data collection, data analysis, and measurement.
Resource Type:    Book/Guide
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

Assessing Learning Outcomes
Discover what it takes to put a powerful assessment plan in place in Assessing Learning Outcomes. This report presents the results of a consortium benchmarking study, conducted by APQC and the University of Maryland University College, that focused on the issues and challenges faced by organizations attempting to upgrade and re-engineer their evaluation process. Examine key findings related to planning, support, and management of an effective learning outcomes assessment process. Also examine strategies best-practice organizations use to evaluate their individual situations, choose appropriate assessment methods, coordinate assessment activities, and learn from assessment findings--all for the sake of improvement.
Resource Type:    Benchmark Study Report
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

Balanced Scorecards
A primer. Buy the book(s) for the detail, but start here for the reason why. And take a quick look at two-time Baldrige-winner's approaches
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Balance Scorecard Step-by-Step: Maximizing Performance and Maintaining Results
In this book Paul Niven shares his experience in developing Balanced Scorecards for Fortune 1000, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. The author provides insight on and practical solutions for: developing performance objectives and measures that translate strategy, generating executive support and assembling the right team.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Paul Niven and Robert Kaplan
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action
The authors reveal how to use the balance scorecard as a learning system for testing, gaining feedback on, and updating the organization’s strategy. They also walk through the steps that managers in any company can use to build their own balanced scorecard.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Robert Kaplan and David Norton
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Basics of Performance Measurement
This book guide is an introduction to the core aspects of performance measurement. The book contains brief examples of all the types of performance measures and provides a five-step method for developing a performance measurement system. It also explains how to create effective performance measures.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Jerry Harbor
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Benchmarking and Best-Practice Sharing
A Baldrige fundamental, benchmarking is what lifts organizations from good to great. Doing well in Baldrige terms requires the constructive use of benchmarking and comparisons to best practice bench marks. An overview from APQC, with fine detail and process recipes from a Baldrige winner.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

A Brief Guide to Questionnaire Development
From the Office of Measurement and Research Service at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, this online article provides the basics for questionnaire development.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Author:                  Robert B. Frary
URL:                     http://ericae.net/ft/tamu/vpiques3.htm

Bullseye: Hitting Your Strategic Targets through High Impact Measurement
This book provides a layman’s approach to creating a blueprint for implementing a strategic measurement system. While business measurement has traditionally been “a monitoring device primarily used to ‘take the temperature’ of the organization and help supervisors know where to focus their attention,” Schiemann and Lingle’s approach utilizes it instead to link ideas and behaviors, integrate performance companywide, and increase self-accountability. Free Press 1999; ISBN 0684854524
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                William H. Schiermann, John H. Lingle
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Department of the Navy Benchmarking Handbook: A Systems View
This handbook describes the Department of the Navy Benchmarking Model and details the steps to take to maximize an organization’s potential for success. The model is based on extensive research and analysis of over 20 benchmarking models from government and industry. The handbook integrates the benchmarking process with other total quality initiatives, and demonstrates how benchmarking is linked to an organization’s strategic plan and team structure. The handbook may be printed from the department of Navy’s web site.
Resource Type:    Publication
URL:                     http://unpan1.un.org/intradoc/groups/public/documents/aspa/unpan002509.pdf

Enabling Human Resources as a Strategic Partner
Enabling Success in Corporate Performance Measurement presents the results of our second consortium benchmarking study focused on examining the alignment that occurs in truly integrated measurement systems. Examine 11 key findings and 11 topical insights that reveal how organizations align corporate performance measurement, incorporate predictive measures into the measurement system, gather and report measures, and garner employee buy-in to the system.
Resource Type:    Benchmarking Study
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis
This book is a hands-on guide to planning and consultation, with an emphasis on tools, tales, templates, speed, sources, and systems. First Things Fast is the quick start you need to surmount resistance to investigating performance. You'll get job aids, design templates, and implementation examples that direct you through the basics of performance analysis. A frequently updated, internet-based coaching and information system will complement and supplement the book (www.jbp.com/rossett.html).
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Allison Rossett
URL:                     www.bn.com

Information and analysis at Boeing A&TP
A&TP's Performance Management System drives its measurement system - goals, indicators, targets, and action plans - at every level of the enterprise.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Measure Institutional Performance Outcomes
See how leading institutions use measures to improve internal management and foster true change in Managing Institutional Performance Outcomes, a benchmarking Best-Practice Report. Examine nine key findings relating to the origins, development, and characteristics of institutional performance measures; the use of performance measures; and the organizational cultures necessary for supporting the use of performance measures. The discussion of innovations and successful practices makes this report a powerful tool for organizations beginning a performance indicator system, as well as those looking to reinvent their current ways of measuring institutional performance and success.
Resource Type:    Benchmarking Best Practices Report
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

Measure Up! Yardsticks for Continuous Improvement
This book provides a practical guide for developing corporate performance measures. Blackwell Publishers, 1995, 1557867186
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Richard Lynch and Kelvin F. Cross
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Measures of Success: Creating a High Performing Organization
An expert on performance measurement describes how to create the blend of measurements for today’s organizations. The book features innovative methods to perceive productivity, profit, cost of products and services and quality. It contains personal insights and advice from managers at top North American companies.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Carl G. Thor
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Measure What Matters: Aligning Performance Measures with Business Strategy
The balanced scorecard is a multifaceted tool that can be used for communications, alignment, improvement, and control. Based on a study examining balanced scorecards and innovative measurement practices, Measure What Matters: Aligning Performance Measures with Business Strategy, an APQC Best-Practice Report, focuses on designing a performance measurement system, implementing and operating a performance measurement system, and communicating and driving behaviors.
Resource Type:    Best Practices Report
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

Performance Drivers: A Practical Guide to Using the Balance Scorecard
This book comprises a consultant's accumulated knowledge from applying the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to a range of client problems and businesses. It uses a panoply of actual cases, analysis, and frameworks to develop its arguments and demonstrate how appropriate and adaptable BSC is to today's business.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Nils-Goran Olve, Jan Roy, Magnus Wetter
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Performance Measurement: Implementing the Balance Scorecard
APQC’s sixth Best-Practice Report on performance measurement examines best practices in deploying the balanced scorecard. In addition to identifying seven distinct uses for a balanced scorecard, Performance Measurement: Implementing the Balanced Scorecard examines the scorecard link to strategy, technology enablers, change management and cultural requirements, and scorecard monitoring and assessing. From the summary of approaches and best practices, companies can determine how to either initiate or improve their balanced scorecard.
Resurce Type:    Best Practice Report
Author:                American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                   http://www.apqc.org/promos/marketing/books/pubs_index.html

Performance Scorecards: Measuring the Right Things in the Real World
Using an engaging fictional storyline, this author team shows managers how to implement Performance Scorecards, a measurement tool that reveals areas of weakness and strength in all aspects of business performance.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Richard Y. Chang and Mark W. Morgan
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Rath & Strong's Six Sigma Pocket Guide
This book is a reference guide for Six Sigma which describes the DMAIC tools and how they can be applied. Perfect for those learning Six Sigma, or those who have already be trained and want a handy reference.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Rath and Strong
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Six Sigma Basic Training Kit: Implementing Juran's 6-Step Quality Improvement Process And Six Sigma Tools
Includes everything a Six Sigma facilitator needs to lead Six Sigma training. The Six Sigma Basic Training Kit, complete with facilitator notes, learning exercises, case studies, and more, is a series of training modules for any company that is implementing Six Sigma. It provides everything a trainer needs to take a quality improvement team through the Six Sigma process step-by-step, from appreciating quality to creating and executing a quality-improvement plan. Classic, simple processes developed by the world-famous Juran Institute have been turned into easy training modules on how to: identify business processes needing improvement, work as a team on the solution, track time and cost savings that result from the new process, and more.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  The Juran Institute
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Six Sigma Handbook: A Complete Guide for Greenbelts, Blackbelts, and Managers at All Levels
Six Sigma is a system for improving the quality of organizational processes and products to a level of 3 defects per million--the "six sigma" level of quality. It was originally developed at Motorola in the 1980's and has become one of the most widely discussed and reported trends in business over the past two years. The Six Sigma Handbook is designed for the manager or quality professional who is already familiar with Six Sigma and wants a guide to the basic quality tools and statistics that are the foundation for Six Sigma. In addition to providing a brief overview of the management and organization of Six Sigma, and the underlying philosophy, the book explains in detail the problem-solving techniques and statistical tools most often used in Six Sigma.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Thomas Pyzdek
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook: An Implementation Guide for Process Improvement Teams
This companion guide to The Six Sigma Way focuses on the project improvement teams that do the real, in-the-trenches work of Six Sigma; measuring performance, improving quality and saving millions in the process. The Six Sigma Way Team Fieldbook is a practical reference for team leaders and members, outlining both the methods that have made Six Sigma successful and the basic steps a team must follow in an improvement effort. Written by three veteran trainers of Six Sigma Black Belts, teams at GE, Sun Microsystems, and Sears, this hands-on guide helps teams obtain the skills they need to identify a product, service, or process that needs improvement or redesign; gather data on the process and the rate of defects; find ways to improve quality up to a Six Sigma level. The book includes dozens of data-gathering forms and Six Sigma tools and worksheets. Describes key improvement methods in a concise, how-to, format with checklists and tips.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Peter S. Pande, Robert P. Neuman and Roland R. Cavanagh
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Ultimate Six Sigma: Beyond Quality Excellence
From Customer loyalty to leadership to supply chain management, this book provides the techniques and metrics needed to measure success, and supplies self assessment audits to help readers ensure that they’re getting it right. Case studies illustrate how Six Sigma has been successfully implemented in each key area.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Keki R. Bhoti
URL:                     www.amazon.com

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
An online publication from the Directorate for Education and Human Resources--the handbook covers project evaluation from A to Z, including a bibliography in chapter 8.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2002/nsf02057/start.htm

Why Measure?
This article, from The Quality Magazine, focuses on understanding why an organization needs to measure performance in order to understand their own performance and how to improve.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Authors:                 Teresa Dickinson, Ian Saunders and Doug Shaw
URL:                      www.cmis.csiro.au/OPM/publications/statline9708.htm

Winning Score: How to Design and Implement Organizational Scorecards
In developing a balanced scorecard approach to performance measurement, organizations must link selected metrics to their mission, values, vision, and key success factors. In this book business consultant Mark Graham Brown helps the reader understand and implement performance metrics and the organizational scorecard concept.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Mark Graham Brown
URL:                     www.amazon.com




Organizations & Web Sites

Academy of Management (AOM)
Hosted by the Pace University School of Business, the Academy of Management is a membership organization of leading professional scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. The Academy’s central mission is to enhance the profession of management by advancing the scholarship of management and enriching the professional development of its members. The Academy’s membership consists of scholars at colleges, universities, and research institutions, as well as practitioners with scholarly interests from business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. The Academy is committed to shaping the future of management research and education. Management is defined broadly to encompass all processes, structures, and behaviors that are related to the work of organizations, as well as the dynamics of industries, economies, cultures, and other environmental forces that affect organizations and their employees. Web site offers various management journals and publications.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                Pace University/Lubin School of Business
                               P.O. Box 3020, New York NY 10038
                               551 5th Avenue, 8th and 9th Floors, New York NY 10176
Phone:                    914- 923-2607
Fax:                        914-923-2615
URL:                      http://aom.pace.edu

Center for Creative Leadership
The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is an international, nonprofit education institution founded in 1970 in Greensboro, NC. CCL’s purpose is to encourage and develop creative leadership and effective management. The web site offers a wide variety of resources to include a leadership development program, books and publications, self assessment tools, and business simulations.
Resource Type:    Educational Institution/Web Site
Address:                Center for Creative Leadership
                              Attn:Client Services
                              P.O. Box 26300
                              Greensboro, NC 27438-6300
Phone:                   336-545-2810
Fax:                       336-282-3284
Email:                    info@ccl.org
URL:                     www.ccl.org

Center for Leadership Studies
The Center for Leadership Studies is the only educational institute in Europe devoted solely on developing leaders for the future. The mission of this organization is “to serve as a leading world centre for the advanced study of leadership and development.” From the University of Exeter, key activities of the Centre include: Postgraduate diploma program, online learning, short programs (open and tailored), research, consultancy, accreditation, and developing partnerships.
Resource Type:    Educational Center
Address:                Centre for Leadership Studies
                               Xfi Building
                               University of Exeter Business School
                               Rennes Drive
                               EX4 4ST
Phone:                    +44 (0)1392 262555
Fax:                       +44 (0)1392 262559
Email:                     leadership@exeter.ac.uk
Email:                     leadershipstudies@exter.ac.uk
URL:                      www.ex.ac.uk/leadership/

Center for Quality of Management
The Center for Quality of Management (CQM) is an international, nonprofit organization formed to promote learning through educational programs, advising services, research initiatives, and networking events. CQM builds upon a foundation of TQM and addresses the three areas critical to long-term business success: planning, operations, and managing change. The web site provides an on-line journal and links to other resources.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                CQM a Division of GOAL/QPC
                               12 Manor Pkwy
                               Salem, NH 03079
Phone:                    800-643-4316 / 603-893-1944
Email:                     service@goalqpc.com or mroutt@goalqpc.com
URL:                      www.cqm.org

Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership
This site is the home of the Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership, a nonprofit group that provides resources for leadership training for individuals and institutions.
Resource Type:    Organization/Web Site
Address:                The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
                               770 Pawtucket Drive
                               Westfield, IN 46074
Phone:                     317-669-8050
Fax:                         317-669-8055
Email:                      www.greenleaf.org
URL:                       www.greenleaf.org

The Institute of Leadership
The Institute of Leadership is an independent, non-profit making body committed to the understanding, development, and practice of leadership. The Institute has members all around the UK and other parts of the world. Together they realize that each has a role to play in using their leadership potential and that of others in a meaningful, ethical and purposeful way to resolve issues facing the world today. Never before has there been a more important time for the development of an Institute of Leadership to facilitate and enable this search. After two years of preparation the Institute was launched in May 2000 and since then, they have been building a strong foundation of research knowledge, innovative development, and membership across all sectors and in many different parts of the world. At the same time they are working with organizations in enabling them to not only develop leaders but ensure the environment is right for individuals to fully use their leadership potential.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                Institute of Leadership
                               8 York Row
                               GL52 3EW
Phone:                    44 (0) 1242 262640
Email:                     hilarie.owen@iofl.org
URL:                      www.iofl.org

James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
Housed at the University of Maryland, the Academy of Leadership is internationally known as an educational institute, training center, and think tank. Over the past 20 years, the Academy has evolved from a small volunteer group dedicated to training women to serve as elected officials to an international network dedicated to leadership scholarship, education, and training. Working from the belief that there is leadership in every person, the Academy studies, trains, and teaches emerging and experienced leaders to cross boundaries - between theory and practice, business and government, majority and minority groups, and among nations.
Resource Type:    Educational Institute
                              James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership
                              1119 Taliaferro Hall
                              University of Maryland
                              College Park, MD 20742-7715
Phone:                   301-405-6100
Fax:                       301-405-6402
URL:                     www.academy.umd.edu/home/index.htm

Leadership Directories
Leadership Directories, Inc. publishes 14 personnel directories called Yellow Books collectively called The Leadership Library®. This online resource offers all 14 Yellow Books/Leadership Directories in electronic form as The Leadership Library® on the Internet, which is updated daily.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Address:                104 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
Phone:                    212-627-4140
Fax:                        212-645-0931
Email:                     info@leadershipdirectories.com
URL:                      www.leadershipdirectories.com

The Leadership Network
This leadership web site, created for the Canadian public servant, is an extensive online resource. The Leadership Network's mandate is to promote, develop, and support networks of leaders throughout the Public Service of Canada and assist them in the challenge of public service renewal and modernization. Designed to help turn principles of leadership into reality, the leadership network toolkit is divided into six sections. Each answers a specific leadership challenge by presenting tools that enable leaders to tap the team's collective wisdom and to share decision making. The tools described in each section can be as simple as a 12-minute, one-on-one meeting between super-visor and employee, and as in-depth as a three-day consultation with clients, partners, and members of the public.
Resource Type:    Web Site/Learning Network
Address:                Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer
                               Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
                               Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs
                               L'Esplanade Laurier, 9th Floor, East Tower
                               140 O’Connor Street
                               Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R5
Phone:                    613-957-2400
Toll free:                1-877-636-0656
TTY:                       613-957-9090
Fax:                        613-941-4000
Email:                     info@tbs-sct.gc.ca
URL:                      http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/chro-dprh/dev-eng.asp

This resource web site focuses on building a community of leaders. It offers leading articles, features, books, videos, an online magazine, and other resources on leadership.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Email:                    comments@leadershipnow.com
URL:                     http://www.leadershipnow.com/index.html

The goal of this web site it to be one of the “best meeting places on leadership and value systems on the net.” The site features a wide variety of resources, to include values systems, assessments, articles, profiles of historical leaders, leadership links, a book list, historical and contemporary leadership studies, as well as information on knowledge management, innovation, and change.
Resource Type:    Web Site
Email:                    webmaster@leader-values.com
URL:                     www.leader-values.com

The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management
The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management provides educational opportunities and resources. The Foundation furthers its mission to lead social sector organizations toward excellence in performance. The foundation offers conferences and video teleconferences, leadership resources and publications, the Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation, and Frances Hesselbein Community Innovation Fellowships.
Address:    The Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management
                   1021 N. Dartmouth Ave.
                   Claremont, CA 91711
Phone:        09-607-9212
Email:         contact@druckerinstitute.com
URL:          www.drucker.org

SmartLeadership.com: Integrity, Innovation, Intelligence
This web site features the latest on innovative leadership through its books, articles, movie picks, special features, and an online magazine.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.smartleadership.com

Books & Publications

The Anatomy of Fire: Sparking A New Spirit Of Enterprise -- Leadership In The 21st Century [DOWNLOAD: PDF]
After studying the ideal of leadership developed over hundreds of years, the author concludes, "Leadership is not about creating and extracting wealth for the benefit of the few. Nor is it about the raw exercise of power. It's about the discovery of new and better ideas for improving life for all. Generating widespread enthusiasm for better ways, finding the resources to turn them into reality, and being resilient in the face of setbacks are the qualities of tomorrow's leaders. Most importantly, making a contribution to society -- improving the human condition -- will be what separates leaders from mere placeholders in the future." Tom Brown defines 21st Century leadership in this book. He talks about the importance of leaders embracing five key traits: discovery, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, resolve, and contributing to society. The leader's art, he asserts, is in the leader's heart.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Tom Brown
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Authentic Leadership: Looking in the Mirror
To be an authentic leader, what you say and what you do should be aligned.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Authors:                Jamie Walters and Sarah Fenson
URL:                     www.inc.com/articles/growth/entrep_skills/entrep_skills_basics/17959.html

Action Learning: How the World's Top Companies Are Re-Creating Their Leaders and Themselves
Simply stated, action learning is learning by doing, and by that definition, it is not anything new. In the training context, action learning involves teams that are assigned to solve a problem; and the process that evolves in finding the solution becomes as important as the solution itself. Dotlich and Noel are both consultants who specialize in planned organizational change, and they have used action learning as a technique for more than a decade. They argue that change cannot happen unless the behavior and attitudes of the leadership of an organization are transformed, and they demonstrate that action learning can effect this so-called re-creation. The authors use examples and exercises to show how to apply the action learning model. They also stress that a 12-element organizational framework must be in place for action learning to work. Elements include sponsorship by a key individual or group within the organization and having a strategic mandate.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                David L. Dotlich and James L. Noel
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership
Leadership doesn't just exist behind the podium. This practical guide shows how the best leaders seize every opportunity--from the dramatic to the mundane--to manage meaning, gain support for their vision, and spur action from their constituents.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Gail T. Fairhurst and Robert A. Sarr
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Big Picture: A Systems Thinking Story for Managers, Leaders, and other Visionaries
Readers who are familiar with systems thinking will appreciate the application of ideas in the workplace. Those who have not been introduced to systems thinking will benefit from this very practical exploration of some of the discipline's most important concepts.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Carol Ann Zulauf
URL:                     www.amazon.com

BrownHeron Publishing
BrownHeron publishes e-Documents -- or e-Docs. e-Docs are short, well-crafted articles, columns, or features on leadership and management, available almost immediately because they are sold online to readers in 190 countries on a 24 / 7 basis.
Resource Type:    Online Publishing Organization
URL:                      www.brownherron.com

The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development
A thorough explanation of the elements of leadership development from the Center for Creative Leadership.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Cynthia D. McCauley, Russ S. Moxley and Ellen Van Velsor
URL:                     www.jbp.com

The Certified Quality Manager Handbook
Written by a team of qualified experts with decades of experience, this book provides a thorough understanding of the principles, terms and concepts of quality management. The new Second Edition contains practical examples from many different industries and organizations, including manufacturing, health care, government, education and the service industries.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Duke Okes and Russ Westcott
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Delivering Home Run Presentations
This article presents 10 techniques that the best speakers use to make great presentations.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Author:                  Paul B. Thornton
URL:                     www.betheleader.com

Developing Leaders at All Levels
Examine some of the innovative methods organizations are using to develop leaders throughout their businesses in Developing Leaders at All Levels, a benchmarking Best-Practice Report from APQC. Based on a consortium benchmarking study, this report reveals a variety of findings in four scope areas: identifying leadership competencies, finding leaders at all levels, leadership development as a process, and measurement and communication.
Resource Type:    Benchmarking Best Practices Report
URL:                     www.apqc.org

Discovering the Leader in You
This book is a guide for realizing your personal leadership potential. It focuses on how individuals can identify the key attributes of great leadership and link them to their own unique vision, values, and personal strengths.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Robert J. Lee and Sara N. King
URL:                     www.josseybass.com

Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change
Being able to change to keep pace with a rapidly changing world is the key to business success. Enlightened Leadership is a practical, hands-on guide to breaking through the barriers to organizational change. The authors show why most efforts at change fail -- and they provide leaders with methods for getting their people moving in the right direction.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Ed Oakley and Doug Krug
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Evolving Leaders:
From the Center for Creative Leadership, this publication presents an explicit model of how an important aspect of leadership development - individual psychological development - can be promoted in programs. It specifies: (1) readiness factors (trait, state, environmental, and sociocultural); (2) developmental processes (experience, disequilibrium, equilibrium, construction, and potentiation); and (3) outcomes (competencies and taking action, meaning structures, developmental stages, and holding environments). These are illustrated with a case study.
Resource Type:    Publication
Authors:                Charles J. Palus and Wilfred H. Drath
URL:                     www.ccl.org/publications

The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Gook Managers into Extraordinary Leaders
The Extraordinary Leader is a research based book about leadership. It analyzes 200,000 assessments from 20,000 managers and presents new insights that demystify this complex subject. It establishes the importance of developing great leaders versus being satisfied with merely good ones, and highlights the link between leadership behavior and an organization's performance. From the authors' research, a new model of leadership emerges that challenges long-held beliefs about leadership competencies. One of the book's major breakthroughs is its focus on the importance of maximizing strengths as opposed to merely correcting weaknesses. Further, the importance of balanced strengths is introduced: when strengths are clustered in one area, the leader is less effective than he or she could be with strengths in different areas.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                John H. Zenger, Joseph Folkman, and Joe Folkman
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
The second edition of Peter Block's Flawless Consulting updates what many consider the best resource of its kind. New chapters on implementation, "whole-system" strategies, and ethics are included, but in general it simply fine-tunes Block's proven advice to match the transformations that business and society have undergone since initial publication two decades ago. "The days of long studies and expert-driven answers are passing," the author proclaims in his new preface. "The task of the consultant is increasingly to build the capacity of clients to make their own assessments and answer their own questions." He then subtly modifies his established recommendations accordingly for every step, from the initial client meeting and problem diagnosis through data collection and the execution of solutions.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Peter Block
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Four Powers of Leadership: Presence, Intention, Wisdom, Compassion
People who are promoted because of the skills and competencies that have made them successful often experience a dramatic change in behavior when they assume a new higher-powered position. This book offers readers the ability to move into new positions of leadership with the tools needed to become inspiring leaders.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  David T. Kyle
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Four Practical Revolutions in Management: Systems for Creating Unique Organizational Capability
In Four Practical Revolutions in Management: Systems for Creating Unique Organizational Capability, Shoji Shiba and Dave Walden have significantly revised their classic text on leading management systems, A New American TQM. With new methodologies and case studies, Four Practical Revolutions in Management is a comprehensive studies of management theory and business success.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Shoji Shiba and David Walden
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Getting Results: Five Absolutes for High Performance
Written by two experts from the University of Michigan Business School, this book outlines a proven five-step process for achieving the organizational imperatives you want in a systematic fashion you can follow. The authors offer field-tested guidance on how to focus company-wide efforts on desired outcomes, create a positive working environment that encourages achievement, and practice continuous improvement to sustain and improve operating results. Based on extensive research that includes data gathered from more than 2,000 managers, the book includes illustrative case studies, vignettes, and self-assessments that can help you see your way to success.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Clinton O. Longenecker and Jack L. Simonetti
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Gung Ho!: Turn on the People in Any Organization
The co-authors of Raving Fans, a New York Times business bestseller provide a new management tool that outlines ways to increase productivity. They concentrate on stimulating excellent morale in the workplace. Their stories of how two managers saved a failing company are interesting and the book uses three metaphorically described principles of motivation: The Spirit of the Squirrel: Practice Worthwhile Work; The Way of the Beaver. Be in Control of Achieving the Goal; The Gift of the Goose: Cheer Each other On. The book has a clear game plan for instituting their ideas that should boost enthusiasm and performance.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
This is a book on creating and balancing effectiveness in professional and personal life. It is a guidebook to achieving peace of mind by seeking the roots of human behavior in character and by learning principles rather than just practices. Clearly written and provides useful end of the chapter exercises.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Steven Covey
URL:                     www. franklincovey.com

Helping Leaders Take Effective Action: A Program Evaluation
In 1989 CCL developed LeaderLab, a program that aims to help individuals take effective and sustained action in their leadership situations. A subsequent evaluation of the program assessed its effectiveness. This report discusses an important question that arose out of that assessment: Do action-oriented programs help participants take more effective action in their leadership situations?
Resource Type:    Report
Authors:                Dianne P. Young and Nancy M. Dixon
URL:                     www.ccl.org/publications

Hesselbein on Leadership
The woman BusinessWeek called the "grande dame of American management" shares her vision of leadership. Frances Hesselbein rose from a volunteer troop leader to become CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA. During her tenure Hesselbein transformed the Girl Scouts and created one of the most vibrant and recognized organizations in the world. In the course of her brilliant career, she was recognized by Fortune magazine as the "Best Nonprofit Manager in America" and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Now, for the first time, Frances Hesselbein has collected her most incisive and stirring writings on the topic of leadership in one compelling book. The book affirms Hesselbein's specific leadership principles that will give readers the inspiration to go forth and become exemplary leaders. It is also filled with the practical knowledge readers need so they can make a difference every day. These gems of leadership wisdom include Hesselbein's thoughts on innovation, change, diversity, and what it means to be a woman leader. At the heart of the book is Hesselbein's belief that leadership is about character-a question of how to be, not how to do it. Hailed by Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, and others as one of the most innovative and inspired leaders today.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Francis Hesselbein
URL:                     www.josseybass.com

High Quality Leadership: Practical Guidelines to Becoming a More Effective Manager
High Quality Leadership provides real world information to develop and enhance leadership skills. The author presents a model for the 3 C’s of management: control, competence, and climate.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Erwin Rausch and John B. Washbush
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Illuminating the Blind Spot: Leadership in the Context of Emerging Worlds
A summary paper on an ongoing research project; 20 propositions based on conversations among the authors and dialogue-interviews with thought leaders on knowledge and leadership.
Resource Type:    Summary White Paper
URL:                     www.dialogonleadership.org/WhitePaper.html

Illuminating the Blind Spot: Leadership in the Context of Emerging Worlds: Comments by Peter Senge
A McKinsey/SoL Joint research Project with comments by Peter Senge.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.dialogonleadership.org/SengeComment.html

Implementing Juran’s Road Map for Quality Leadership: Benchmarks and Results
This book by Dr. Juran presents as no-nonsense to quality implementation. Explains the Juran Institute’s model for Total Quality Management (TQM), introduces a road map for implementing that model, and provides step-by-step guidance through each of the five phases of the implementation process.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                   J.M. Juran
URL:                      www.amazon.com

Insights on Leadership: Service, Stewardship, Spirit, and Servant-Leadership
Reflections on Leadership, published in 1995, was a ground-breaking book of essays from managers and leaders, thinkers and practitioners, on the philosophy of servant-leadership. Insights on Leadership, published in 1997, continues this tradition. The concept of servant-leadership has become better known in the marketplace of ideas in the last few years, and with more people trying to create environments where servant-leadership can thrive, we now have even more experience to reflect on and learn from. This new learning, which comes from experience reflected upon in the light of servant-leadership enhances our understanding of servant-leadership. The many voices and many translations of the servant-leadership vision, and the different vocabularies employed by the authors make this book useful to people in diverse types of organizations, whether they are new to the concept or have been studying it for years.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership
URL:                     www.greenleaf.org/leadership/read-about-it/Servant-Leadership...

Integrated Management Systems: A Practical Approach to Transforming Organizations
In 1993, the Center for Quality of Management embarked on a six-year study of how organizations improve throughout America. Contrary to expectations, the authors found that successful systems of management differed radically. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, for instance, couldn't apply the prescriptions that worked so well at Teradyne, the world's leading maker of semiconductor test devices. And at a spectacularly successful public school district, the system differed even more. In Integrated Management Systems, authors explore the lessons learned from the CQM study. They explain how managers can create their own integrated management systems. They reveal the weaknesses that prevent effective integrated management systems from emerging in America. And they describe key ideas and tools managers can use in developing their own systems.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Thomas Lee, Shoji Shiba, and Robert Wood
URL:                     www.amazon.com

In Action: Effective Leadership Programs
Part of the In Action Series; presents 12 case studies that focus on the many changes faced by leaders and managers in today's organizations. This publication identifies some of the more significant issues: workforce diversity, teams; flattening organizations; cost-reduction and cost-containment; increased demand for creativity and innovations; managers as coach; and the need for continuous self-development. Cases represent both public and private sector organizations.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  ASTD
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow
Why do some people consistently inspire others to follow their lead? According to John Maxwell, author of 24 books and a regular speaker on the topic, it's the "character qualities" they possess. In The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, Maxwell identifies these top traits as character, charisma, commitment, communication, competence, courage, discernment, focus, generosity, initiative, listening, passion, positive attitude, problem-solving, relationships, responsibility, security, self-discipline, servanthood, teachability, and vision--and then defines them in ways that readers can absorb and utilize. Each is covered in a separate chapter opening with a high-concept definition and continuing with relevant anecdotes, details on its meaning, suggestions for further reflection, and exercises for improvement.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  John C. Maxwell
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Juran on Leadership for Quality: An Executive Handbook
In this companion volume to Juran on Planning for Quality, J. M. Juran provides top-level managers with the specific, field-tested methods they need to successfully lead their companies on the quest for superior quality. Dr. Juran shows how to apply the familiar business concepts of planning, control, and improvement to quality leadership. For each concept, he provides criteria for selecting project-by-project improvements and mobilizing a team to carry them out.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  J.M Juran
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Kick Down the Door of Complacency: Seize the Power of Continuous Improvement
This book describes how any company can deploy a continuous improvement system to increase efficiency improve worker moral and create satisfied customers.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Charles Hardwood
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Leadership Challenge Video Program
Discover the learnable set of leadership practices in this video program based on the best selling book by James Kouzes and Barry Posner.
Resource Type:    Video
URL:                     www.crmlearning.com

Leadership Development: Building Executive Talent
APQC and the American Society for Training & Development conducted a consortium benchmarking study to explore how to develop future leaders to ensure organizational success and competitiveness. Examine the findings from this study in the Best-Practice Report Leadership Development: Building Executive Talent. Discover 13 findings related to creating a leadership development process, identifying the leadership pool, engaging future leaders, and understanding the effects of leadership development.
Resource Type:    Book/Benchmark Study
URL:                     www.apqc.org/pubs/dispPub.cfm?ProductID=1091

Leadership Education: A Source Book of Courses and Programs
Drawing on a survey of colleges, universities, professional organization, corporate universities, training organizations, and other sites, this edition presents selected descriptions of 230 leadership courses and programs that have come into existence or have been significantly revised since the sixth edition of Leadership Education was published in 1996.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Mary K. Schwartz, Kristin M. Axtman, and Frank H. Freeman
URL:                     www.ccl.org/publications

The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level
This book offers examples of winning companies who develop dynamic leadership at every level with a strong commitment of leaders teaching leadership. These companies become a leadership engine that perpetuates success because teaching leadership habituates everyone to the practice of developing good ideas, instilling those values that support implementation of ideas, and generate positive energy in themselves and others. Includes a useful appendix with leadership activities.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Noel M. Tichy, Eli Cohen
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Leaders Who Make A Difference
Leaders Who Make A Difference, by Burt Nanus and Stephen M. Dobbs focuses on the unique role of nonprofit executives. It describes the six key roles that effective leaders must play--Visionary, Strategist, Change Agent, Coach, Politician, and Fundraiser. It also offers examples of how their actions have been crucial to the success of large and small nonprofits flourishing across the nation, as well as proven lessons on strategy, team building, fundraising, advocacy, and board relations.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Burt Nanus, Stephen M. Dobbs
URL:                     www.joseybass.com

Leading Beyond the Walls: How High Performing Organizations Collaborate for Success
Leading Beyond the Walls brings together 29 of the greatest thinkers to explore the need for leaders who are adept at establishing diverse partnerships, alliances, and networks both within and outside their own organizations.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Francis Heeselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, Ian Summerville
URL:                     www.joseybass.com

Leading for Innovation: And Organizing for Results
In this second volume of The Drucker Foundation's Wisdom to Action Series, twenty-seven thought leaders help today's leaders meet the challenge of releasing the power of innovation. Leading for Innovation brings together Clayton M. Christensen, Jim Collins, Howard Gardner, Charles Handy, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, C. William Pollard, Margaret Wheatley, and other thought leaders to offer you practical guidance on leading your organization to a new dimension of performance. This collection explores the unique qualities required to lead innovators, and shows you the way to develop a culture that promotes innovation. The contributors encourage you to take the time to think about innovation and describe how you must abandon practices that no longer work for advancing the practice of innovation. Filled with specific examples of the hands-on work needed to make innovation a reality for leaders and their organizations, Leading for Innovation offers a wealth of thoughtful and incisive essays that will help leaders everywhere take their organizations and communities to a new level of excellence.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  The Drucker Foundation
URL:                     www.josseybass.com/cda/sec/0,,10434,00.html

Leading in a Culture of Change
Addressing the constant change, overload, and fragmentation that today’s leaders face, this timely book shows you how to effectively accomplish your goals by mastering five core competencies: attending to moral purpose, understanding the change process, building relationships, sharing knowledge, and creating coherence in your vocation.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Michael Fullin
URL:                     www.josseybass.com

Leading in a Time of Change: What it will Take to Lead Tomorrow
The Drucker Foundation presents a conversation between Peter F. Drucker and Peter M. Senge, hosted by Frances Hesselbein. The package features two great minds of modern management sharing their wisdom on how leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations for the inevitable changes that lie ahead. The package includes a video and companion workbook.
Resource Type:    Video/Workbook
Author:                  Drucker Foundation
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Leader of the Future: New Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the Next Era (The Drucker Foundation Series)
Thirty-seven notables, such as Peter Senge, Charles Handy, Rosabeth Kanter, and Stephen Covey, offer their views on leadership, examining what the organization of the future will be like and how leaders might be developed. Though they target present and potential leaders of so-called third-sector organizations, these 31 previously unpublished essays will be of definite interest to those in government and the corporate world as well.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Frances Hesselbein, Marshall Goldsmith, Richard Beckhard
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Leadership and the Customer Revolution: The Messy, Unpredictable, and Inescapably Human Challenge of Making the Rhetoric of Change a Reality
Gary Heil teams up with Rick Tate and Tom Parker to show how managers can harness change and rebuild their organizations to achieve legendary customer satisfaction.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Gary Heil, Tom Parker, Rick Tate
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Leadership Challenge, 3rd Edition
.Building on the knowledge base of their previous books, the third edition of The Leadership Challenge is grounded in extensive research and based on interviews with all kinds of leaders at all levels in public and private organizations from around the world.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner
URL:                     www.jbp.com

Leadership Development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Final Report
This report, by the Centre for Leadership Studies, presents the outcomes of a two-phase program on leadership development in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in South West England. Phase One of the program was an independent piece of research to identify leadership challenges within SMEs. Data was collected by means of face-to-face interviews with 20 SME leaders across the Region and was supported by interviews with leadership experts/practitioners and a literature review. Finally, a half-day forum was held, to explore the outcomes of the research and how this could be used to develop an educational program for SME leaders.
Resource Type:    Report/Empirical Study
Author:                  Center for Leadership Studies
URL:                     www.ex.ac.uk/leadership/sme%20final%20report.doc

Leadership: Helping People to Succeed
As a leader you have the job of figuring out what people can’t do for themselves. Are they stuck in their comfort zones? Do they lack confidence? Do they need different skills and knowledge to be successful? Leadership: Helping People to Succeed is an online article about effective leadership.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.betheleader.com

Leadership Jazz
Drawing connections between business leadership and the art of jazz, this book is an exploration of management techniques that demonstrates how to maximize creativity, harmony, and vitality in business.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Max De Pree
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Leadership Resources: A Guide to Training & Development Tools
Since 1986, human development professionals, corporate trainers and consultants, educators, managers, and executives have used this volume to locate materials that can help them gain a better understanding of leadership. Drawn from numerous sources and carefully reviewed by the editors, the information in Leadership Resources includes descriptions of current writings and films on leadership, a list of active leadership organizations, online discussion groups useful for connecting with colleagues, and announcements of several annual conferences and meetings. The information on development instruments and exercises introduces the reader to the many powerful ways in which personal growth and learning can be enhanced, and subject, author, and title indexes provide detailed access to all parts of the book.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Mary K. Schwartz, Kristin M. Axtman, and Frank H. Freeman
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Making Quality Work: A Leadership Guide for the Results-Driven Manager
This Total Quality Management (TQM) book is full of practical advice, tools, actionable ideas, and techniques that will make an organization more acute, competitive, and profitable. Demonstrates how to motivate employees, build long-term partnerships with customers, and merge TQM with a business strategy.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                George Labovitz, Yu Sang Chang, and Victor Rosansky
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Management Challenges for the 21st Century
Peter Drucker practically invented management as a discipline in the 1950s, elevating it from an ignored profession into a necessary institution that "reflects the basic spirit of the modern age." Now, in Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Drucker looks at the profound social and economic changes occurring today and considers how management--not government or free markets--should orient itself to address these new realities.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Peter Drucker
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Management in the 21st Century

Tom Brown is a leading knowledge and leadership thinker and author. Here, online, is his keynote essay from Business -- now! -- courtesy of Perseus and Bloomsbury Publishers.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Author:                  Tom Brown
URL:                     www.thomaslewisbrown.com/tombrown_on21C.pdf

Maslow on Management
Coordinated by Maslow’s daughter, this book is a series of his journal notes from the early 1960’s. Originally considered to be a seminal work on human behavior in the workplace, it offers Maslow’s theories on such issues as how to encourage people to express their creativity, the importance of psychological health, and leadership ideas that are commonly accepted notions in management circles at the end of the twentieth century.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Abraham Maslow and Deborah C. Stephens
URL:                     www.amazon.com

On Becoming a Leader
In this book management expert Warren Bennis shows how individuals develop leadership traits and how organizations encourage or stifle potential leaders.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Warren G. Bennis
URL:                      www.amazon.com

Outcome Management: Redesigning Your Business Systems to Achieve Your Vision
Outcome Management is an informative guide that presents a new approach to business principles. This model deploys company efforts along two tracks—the business track, in which leaders look into the future in search of ways to provide goods or services, and the organization track, in which leaders ensure that the quality fundamentals are in place to provide ongoing incremental change while the foundation is laid for big changes to come.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Dan McArthur and Larry Womack
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
Bestselling author Daniel Goleman's theories on emotional intelligence (EI) have altered common understanding of what "being smart" entails, and in Primal Leadership, he and his coauthors present the case for cultivating emotionally intelligent leaders. Since the actions of the leader apparently account for up to 70 percent of employees' perception of the climate of their organization, Goleman and his team emphasize the importance of developing what they term "resonant leadership." Focusing on the four domains of emotional intelligence--self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management--they explore what contributes to and detracts from resonant leadership, and how the development of these four EI competencies spawns different leadership styles.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Daniel Goleman, Annie Mackie, and Richard E. Boyatzis
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Principle Centered Leadership
This work by Steven Covey is an application of Covey Principles of effectiveness to Leadership; 1992.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Steven Covey
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Quality is Everybody’s Business
In an easy-to-read style, the book demonstrates how to untangle complex theory into guidelines for everyday managing and leading. The authors provide a comprehensive presentation of the practical details and the reasoning behind defining, implementing, and maintaining a 100% employee involvement process.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Patrick L. Townsend and Joan E. Gebhardt
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Quality Leadership Skills: Standards of Leadership Behavior
Quality Leadership Skills provides practical principles and techniques for leaders to use in handling a great variety of common employee needs. It includes down-to-earth methods for improving employee performance, including performance standards, one-on-one training skills, coaching, counseling, and handling employee complaints. It outlines practical techniques for delegation, problem solving, decision-making, planning, developing objectives with employees, and conducting performance appraisals.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Dick Leatherman
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Reading the Writing on the Wall
Reading the Writing on the Wall is an article about the sayings and quotes that leaders have used as guiding principals to achieve success.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.betheleader.com

Succession Management: Identifying and Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders
The American Productivity & Quality Center examined the leading practices of several best-in-class organizations to learn how they address succession management to ensure continuity and future success. An APQC Best-Practice Report, Succession Management: Identifying and Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders, offers findings in several areas: deploying a succession management process, identifying the talent pool, engaging future leaders, and monitoring and assessing the program.
Resource Type:    Best Practice Report
URL:                     www.apqc.org/pubs/dispPub.cfm?ProductID=1416

Take it to the Next Level
The inspiring true story of how the Texas Nameplate company rose from the doldrums of near bankruptcy to a level worthy of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Dale Crownover
URL:                     amazon.com

Total Quality Management: An Executive Guide to Continuous Improvement
Total Quality Management (TQM) is a journey towards improvement, guiding you through a continuous reassessment of yourself, your work, and your organization. The author demonstrates how to improve your daily workload in order to create a quality product, control costs, and foster customer loyalty. Not only does this give your organization an edge in a competitive business environment, it also helps you grow and excel. Rampersad guides you through the effective use of problem-solving tools and helps you apply the quality improvement process in all aspects of your work.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Hubert K. Rampersad
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Total Quality: Management, Organization, and Strategy
This text presents an overview of the key principles of total quality and links those concepts to traditional management practices and organizational models in management theory. James Evans, well-known professor, consultant, and Malcolm Baldrige Award Examiner, provides real-world illustration of the relationship between Total Quality principles and management and organizational theories.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                James R. Evans and James W. Dean
URL:                     www.amazon.com

TQM: A Pictorial Guide for Managers
In TQM: A Pictorial Guide for Managers, John Oakland cuts through the complex concepts associated with implementing Total Quality, and Peter Morris presents the information in his inimitable pictorial style. TQM will show managers what they need to understand about Total Quality Management in the simplest, clearest and most memorable form. After an informative introduction, TQM goes on to survey Quality chains, Processes, The Model, Commitment and Culture, Communication, Systems, Tools, Teamwork, and Implementation.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Peter Morris and John S. Oakland
URL:                     www.amazon.com

TQM in Action: A Practical Approach to Continuous Performance Improvement
The aim of this book is to help practicing managers to develop and implement a strategy for the introduction of total quality management within their own organizations. TQM in Action provides a practical step-by-step guide to stages, key considerations and potential pitfalls of implementation. This book provides a template for implementation which will help managers to get started and keep the process going.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                John Pike and Richard Barnes
URL:                     www.amazon.com

TQM: Leadership for the Quality Transformation
The first volume in a new series tells how to aim for quality, discussing such topics as the differences between leadership and management, leadership styles, communication, visioning, empowerment, team building, and dealing with difficult people. The guidance is thorough, practical, and astute.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Richard S. Johnson
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Understanding and Changing Your Management Style
Rober Benfari identifies the six most important ingredients of effective management to devise personality-specific strategies for improving the ability to resolve conflict, solve problems, manage stress, influence others, and handle difficult situations at work.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Robert Benfari
URL:                     www.josseybass.com

Visionary Leadership
Successful leaders know that nothing drives an organization like an attractive, worthwhile, achievable vision for the future. Leadership expert and author Burt Nanus shows why vision is the key to leadership and demonstrates how any leader can use a logical, step-by-step process to create and implement a new sense of direction in his or her organization. Designed for individual leaders to develop their own vision statement, this book guides readers through the mechanics of forming a vision, guidelines for developing the scope of the vision, and processes for implementing that vision.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Burt Nanus
URL:                     www.jbp.com

Vision, Values, and Courage: Leadership for Quality Management
This book exposes the problems that arise when leadership in business fails to do its job, and offers powerful, inspirational examples of firms that have confronted this problem and prevailed through leadership that aims at producing quality results. By highlighting the practices of such noted leaders as Walt Disney and Michael Eisner at Walt Disney, Ray Kroc at McDonald's, Sam Walton at Wal-Mart, David Kearns at Xerox, and Robert Galvin at Motorola, the authors reveal how each of these legendary leaders possessed three crucial leadership characteristics -- vision, strong values and beliefs, and the active courage to make their visions a reality.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Neil H. Snyder
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Journals, Magazines & Newsletters

The Australian Journal of Management
The Australian Journal of Management publishes research in applied economics, finance, industrial relations, political science, psychology, statistics, and other disciplines, provided the application is to management, as well as research in areas such as marketing, corporate strategy, operations management, organization development, decision analysis, and other problem-focused paradigms.
Resource Type:    Journal
URL:                     www.agsm.unsw.edu.au/~eajm/

The CEO Refresher
Called “Brain Food for Business” the CEO Refresher is an online magazine for business leaders. It contains information, highly relevant articles and publications on leadership; to include strategy, leading change, performance, insight, words and wisdom, mindfulness, and learning.
Resource Type:    Online Magazine
URL:                     www.refresher.com/ceo.html

Foundations: Ideas to Build Your Life On
This magazine lays down the basic building blocks of a successful person. Foundations believes in the universal laws that govern us and our environments, and focuses on learning to live within this context as the key to success.
Resource Type:    Online Magazine
URL:                     www.foundationsmag.com/note.html

The Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies
The Academy of Leadership was recently named a partner of this Journal, and Academy faculty are regular contributors and contributing editors. In its eighth year of publication, the journal has an international circulation and publishes a wide spectrum of information on almost any issue that deals with the concept of leadership and leadership education.
Resource Type:    Educational Journal
Author:                  The James Macgrego Burns Academy of Leadership
URL:                     www.academy.umd.edu/publications/jls.htm

Online Library

Developing Leadership Skills
Housed within the NASA Headquarters Library, this site provides information on books, articles and publications about leadership and skill development.
Resource Type:    Web Site/Online Library
URL:                     www.hq.nasa.gov/office/hqlibrary/ppm/ppm2.htm


The Advanced Leadership Group
The Advanced Leadership Group helps individuals and organizations achieve success through tailored training programs and self-evaluation. The web site offers articles on leadership topics that can be downloaded, as well as a training program descriptions, and a free self evaluation to determine your effectiveness in dealing with others.
Resource Type:    Consulting Organization
Address:                Advanced Leadership Group
                              The Success Builders
                              9 Appio Drive
                              Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone:                   973 607 1889
Email:                    algroup@adv-leadership-grp.com
URL:                     www.adv-leadership-grp.com

The Axelrod Group: Collaborative System Designers
The Axelrod Group designs collaborative systems, which enable leaders and workers to jointly construct a company worthy of pride.
Resource Type:    Consulting Organization
Address:                The Axelrod Group
                               723 Laurel Avenue
                               Wilmette, Illinois 60091
Phone:                    847-251-7361
Fax:                        847-251-7370
Email:                     info@AxelrodGroup.com
URL:                      www.axelrodgroup.com

Authenticity Consulting, LLC
Nuts-and Bolts Guide to Leadership Supervision for Nonprofit Staff.
Resource Type:    Consultants/Guide
Postal Mail:          Authenticity Consulting, LLC
                              4008 Lake Drive Avenue North
                              Minneapolis, MN 55422-1508
Phone:                   763-971-8890
                               800-971-2250 (toll-free for USA and Canada)
Fax:                       763-592-1661
Email:                    carter@authenticityconsulting.com
URL:                     www.authenticityconsulting.com/pubs/Mgmnt/MS_pubs.htm

Be The Leader Associates
This Leadership consulting organization can help you select and develop leaders to compete with the best. The organization works with the senior management team to establish a “leadership Success Profile” for your organization.
Resource Type:    Consultants/Web Site
Phone:                    413-755-5223
Email:                     PThornton@stcc.edu
URL:                      www.betheleader.com

The Center for Innovative Leadership
The Center for Innovative Leadership is a consortium of consultants, educators, and managers dedicated to developing information that can help leaders improve the effectiveness of their implementation efforts. The Center was founded by Leadership expert, Gary M. Heil (featured speaker at the Journey to Performance Excellence 2002) and contains a library of leadership books, articles, and materials available to download and for purchase through Amazon.com.
Resource Type:    Consultants/Web Site
Phone:                    650-218-9932
Fax:                        866-708-0747
Email:                     garyheil@cfil.com or deborahstephens@cfil.com
URL:                      www.cfil.com

Centre for Strategic Management
A global alliance of consultants whose aim is to enhance the strategic management and leadership capabilities of senior executives and their organizations in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. The alliance provides comprehensive product lines, workshops, and materials to complement their consulting and training services.
Resource Type:    Consulting
Address:                Centre for Strategic Management
                              Corporate Headquarters
                               1420 Monitor Road
                               San Diego, CA 92110-1545
Phone:                    619-275-6528
Fax:                        619-275-0324
E-mail:                    csmintl@san.rr.com
URL:                       www.csmintl.com

The Institute for Management Excellence
The Institute for Management Excellence is a management consulting and communications services organization.
Resource Type:    Consulting organization and Resource Web Site
Address:                The Institute for Management Excellence
                               P.O. Box 5459, Lacey WA 98509-5459
Phone:                    360-412-0404
E-mail:                    feedback.htm
URL:                      www.itstime.com

Move the Mountain Leadership Center
This center boasts national trainers who have been in the business since 1992 and offer leadership training, coaching and consulting. The focus is to develop and support leaders in business, human services, education, government and faith communities. The organization’s goal is to produce leaders who will create transformational change in their organizations, communities, states and nations. Web site offers online essays and project descriptions.
Resource Type:    Training & Consulting Organization
Address:                Move the Mountain Leadership Center
                               416 Douglas Avenue, Suite 205
                               Ames, IA 50010
Phone:                    1-888-232-9285
Email:                     gena@movethemountain.org
URL:                      www.movethemountain.org

TRIOCT Corporation
TRIOCT Corporation is a research-based, digitally oriented management development firm offering training, consulting, mentoring-coaching and fitness services plus thousands of products to individual professionals and business and government organizations worldwide.
Resource Type:    Management Development Consultant Organization
Email:                    Service@Global-Executive-Global.com
URL:                     www.trioct.com/


Process Management Resources


Organizations & Web Sites

American Productivity & Quality Center
The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) is a process and performance improvement resource for organizations and industries of all sizes. APQC is a nonprofit organization supported by nearly 500 companies, government organizations, and educational institutions from around the world.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                123 North Post Oak Lane
                               3rd Floor
                               Houston, Texas 77024
Phone:                    800-776-9676
Fax:                        713-681-1182
Email:                     apqcinfo@apqc.org
URL:                      www.apqc.org

Business Process Reengineering and Business Innovation
A large site with numerous resources on Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and learning organizations. Site provides access to specific BPR documents, a Knowledge Management library, and Best Practices bibliography.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.brint.com/BPR.htm

BPR (Business Process Reengineering) Online Learning Center
BPR Online Learning Center is a comprehensive directory and resource guide for business process reengineering teams and change management teams. The site contains a reengineering article index that lists more than 200 articles on Business Process Reengineering and change management.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.prosci.com/bpr_ah1.htm

BPRC, Business Processes Resource Centre
An excellent resource for process improvement resources, site contains access to publications, research, training resources, links, an online library and more.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      http://bprc.warwick.ac.uk/rc-lib.html

Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement (CQPI)
From the University of Wisconsin-Madison, CQPI is a research center founded in 1985. The Center’s mission is the development of new techniques for improving the quality of products, product designs, service and manufacturing processes. The Center conducts research on concepts and methods of quality improvement and provides a national and international forum for the exchange of ideas among faculty, students, experts, and practitioners from industry, government, and academia.
Resource Type:    Organization/Web Site
Address:                Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement
                              610 Walnut Street, 575 WARF Building
                              Madison, Wisconsin
Phone:                   608-263—1425
Fax:                       608-263-1425
E-mail:                   quality@engr.wisc.edu
URL:                     www.engr.wisc.edu/centers/cqpi/

College of Performance Management (CPM)
CPM is an international, non-profit, professional organization, dedicated to providing focus and structure to performance measurement and earned value management. Organization provides training and certification.
Resource:    Training Organization
URL:            www.cpm-pmi.org

Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
The mission of the Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association is to identify “Best in Class” business processes, which, when implemented, will lead member companies to exceptional performance. This organization brings together knowledge management professionals from a variety of companies. KMBA conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the effectiveness of Knowledge Management activities.
Resource Type:    Membership Organization
URL:                     http://kmba.org

Maryland Managing for Results
From Maryland’s Department of Budget and Management, this site provides resources based on Maryland’s customer-focused management model. The material encompasses budgeting, continuous quality improvement, employee performance planning and evaluation and pay for performance. At this site access information on the state management model and download the Managing for Results Guidebook.
Resource Type:    State resources/Web Site
Address:                45 Calvert Street
                              Annapolis, MD 21401
Email:                    emaryland@dbm.state.md.us
URL:                      www.dhr.state.md.us/mfr/

Q.P.R. Online.com
An online resource comprising management software solutions, articles, whitepapers, sample models, discussion and features on Process Management, Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, Quality Management, Activity-based Costing and Intellectual Capital. Site requires registration.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.qpronline.com

University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Quality Improvement
This web site from the Office of Quality Improvement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides resources to enhance planning and process design and improvement. The site focuses on the specialty areas of strategic planning and process improvement, and offers articles, how-to guides, and samples from other projects.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.wisc.edu/improve/index.html

Books & Publications

Activity Based Management
Discover how leading organizations use activity-based management (ABM) to improve their processes. This Best-Practice Report is based on the results of a landmark study, conducted by APQC and the Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing-International, that also created the industry-standard ABM Best Practices Model. See how best-practice organizations capture the full value and potential of ABM information and then implement ABM technology and measure results.
Resource Type:    APQC Report
URL:                     www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site/content?docid=100520

Building and Sustaining Communities of Practice
A publication from the American Productivity and Quality Center, APQC has conducted the largest single study of communities of practice (CoPs) to date in order to understand their nature, their role, and how to create and successfully sustain them. The findings offer compelling evidence that these communities, which create, gather, and share knowledge as part of formal knowledge management efforts, are assuming a new role in knowledge work and KM systems. CoPs are gaining prominence as boundary-spanning units in organizations responsible for finding and sharing best practices, stewarding knowledge, and helping members work better. This Best-Practice Report details the types of CoPs and their characteristics; how CoPs fit within a KM strategy; successful approaches to planning, initiating, and sustaining CoPs; necessary support structures and roles; enablers such as information technology; and measurement and assessment.
Resource Type:    APQC Report
URL:                     www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site/content?docid=100577

Business Process Improvement: The Breakthrough Strategy for Total Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness
This comprehensive volume provides the information an organization needs to make the transition toward improving quality and productivity while reducing cycle time and cost. ISBN 0070267685
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Harrington, H. James
URL:                     qualitypress.asq.org

Continuous Process Improvement: Simplifying Work Flow Systems
This book on continuous improvement and process design goes to the heart of what a process is, the true meaning of continuous process improvement and the steps needed to achieve it.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  George D. Robinson
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Creating Measures of Success for Your Plan
This publication, from the Office of Quality Improvement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides a detailed how-to guide for creating measures of success for your plan.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                     www. wisc.edu/improve

Handbook for Basic Process Improvement
This handbook is designed to assist team leaders at all levels who are involved in process improvement efforts. Together with the Basic Tools for Process Improvement “tool kit” it provides the practical information you need to initiate and successfully carry out process improvement activities. Both publications are available for free download from the TQL web site.
Resource Type:    Publication
URL:                     www.balancedscorecard.org/wpapers.html

Mapping Work Processes
This book shows how to create flowcharts, which are proven to help improve any work process. Detailed exercises teach anyone how to chart and document processes, understand them, and make improvement from them. This hands-on, step-by-step workbook includes instructions on how to document work processes-a requirement for ISO 9000 registration. ISBN: 0873892666
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Dianne Galloway
URL:                     http://qualitypress.asq.org/

Principles of Good Product Development
An online publication that profiles the importance of Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction in the role of process improvement.
Resource Type:    Publication
URL:                     www.johnstark.com/prn01.html

Process Management at Boeing A&TP
A seven-step process improvement methodology known as process-based management starts with teams defining their processes in terms of suppliers and inputs, customers and outputs, and the tasks required to transition from one to the other.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Process Management at 3M Dental
The effective management and improvement of processes require four essential elements: task identification, organization, management and, finally, review of the processes.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

The SENCORP Management Model
SENCORP is a privately owned corporation with businesses in a number of worldwide markets and a long and successful track record. Since the early 1980s, it has been developing and implementing a unique management model. This report explains the background to the development of the model and its distinctive characteristics, which include: 1) Analyses of the behavior of individuals as the basis for creating a management model applicable to the whole organization; 2) Integration of the management of knowledge development in the organization with the management of everyday operations; and 3) Allocation of adequate resources for thinking before decisions are made.
Resource Type:    Report/Management Model
URL:                     http://bprc.warwick.ac.uk/lse-sen.html#SEC1

Understanding and Applying Value-Added Assessment: Eliminating Business Process Waste
Learn the structure needed to implement a sound value-added assessment program. Use the process mapping technique to simplify the task of documenting processes. 1996, ISBN 0873893697
Resource Type:    Book
URL:                     http://qualitypress.asq.org

Why Best Practices? The Shortcut to Productivity and Results
This online article describes how to identify and use best practices to quickly improve performance.
Resource Type:    Online Publication
URL:                      www.execpc.com/cwlpubent/bestprac.htm


Process Improvement: Method & Analysis
Process Improvement Methods & Analysis is designed to provide students with the topics, direction, mentoring, and case studies necessary to realize the advantages of process improvement. The curriculum begins with an overview of process methods and analysis, and finishes with case studies/ best practices that can be immediately applied to the work environment.
Resource Type:    ASQ Course
URL:                     www.asq.org/ed/courses/descriptions/procimp.html


Process Management from the American Productivity and Quality Center
Progressive organizations know that an unfaltering focus on continuous improvement is the key to achieving and sustaining success. APQC helps organizations formulate a results-oriented plan to reach productivity goals and improve operations. APQC was the first nonprofit organization in the United States whose primary objectives, expertise, and efforts were devoted specifically to improving organizational effectiveness for organizations across industries. Their process improvement approach delivers improved productivity and quality through process assessment and redesign.
Resource Type:    Non-profit Consulting Organization
URL:                     www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site/generic2?path=/site/processl

PMA, Performance Management Associates, Inc.
PMA provides project management services, education, and consulting.
Address:    15 Via Verona
                   Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Phone:        561-694-1646
Fax:            561-694-1648
Email:         pma@pmassoc.com
URL:          www.pmassoc.com


Strategic Planning Resources


Organizations & Web Sites

American Management Association
AMA is a global not-for-profit, membership-based association, providing a full range of management development and educational services to individuals, companies and government agencies throughout the world. Each year, thousands of business professionals acquire the latest business know-how, valuable insights and increased confidence at AMA seminars, conferences briefings and executive forums, as well as through AMA books, research and self-study courses. The AMA offers a variety of resources on strategic planning.
Resource Type:    Professional Organization
Address:                600 AMA Way, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Phone:                    800-262-9699
Fax:                        518-891-0368
URL:                      www.amanet.org

BPubs.com (The Business Publications Search Engine)
This page is the strategic planning section of the Business Publications Search Engine. It provides links to numerous free publications on the topic of strategic planning and more.
Resource Type:    Web Page
URL:                      www.bpubs.com/Management_Science/Strategic_Planning/

DOE’s Strategic Plan
Interested in a government agency’s strategic planning process? This site provides a detailed description of strategic planning at the Department of Energy. Describes and integrates the Government Performance and Results Act into the strategic planning process.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                      www.cfo.doe.gov/strategicplan/strategicplan.htm

Strategic Planning at APQC
The American Productivity and Quality Center offers strategic planning resources and related materials at the strategic planning section of their web site. Here you will find free resources, online articles, publications, training opportunities, best practices and more.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site

Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis at NIST
The Office of Strategic Planning and Economic Analysis was established to provide economic, technology assessment, and strategic planning expertise for NIST-wide policy analysis and planning activities. SPEA conducts cross-cutting strategic planning, economic impact, and economic role/policy studies that benefit several operating units or NIST as a whole; provides methodological assistance to OUs conducting their own economic analysis; and represents NIST in external economic policy exercises where topics are NIST-wide in scope. The site offers a variety of studies and government reports available to download.
Resource Type:    Web Site
URL:                     www.nist.gov/director/planning/strategicplanning.htm

The Strategic Planning Society
Based in the UK, this Society is an educational charity which fosters and promotes research and best practice in strategic thought and action. It aims to increase the fulfillment by organizations of their purpose. The network includes over 2,000 organizations, 3250 individuals, and an additional 5,000 registered strategists in over 30 countries. Publishes a strategic planning magazine that is available online and free to all Society members.
Resource Type:    Membership Organization/Web Site
URL:                     www.sps.org.uk/

Books & Publications

Applied Strategic Planning: How to Develop a Plan That Really Works
Written by three top consultants and trainers, this book offers a clear and effective way to identify and implement strategic objectives. Covers all phases of the strategic planning process, including determining if an organization is ready for strategic planning. Charts, diagrams and checklists. McGraw-Hill 1992; ISBN:0070240205
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Leonard Goodstein, Timothy Nolan, and J. William Pfeiffer
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Beyond Strategic Vision, Effective Corporate Action with Hoshin Planning
Developed in Japan in the 1960s, Hoshin is a management system for determining the appropriate course of action for an organization, and effectively accomplishing the relevant actions and results. Having recognized the power of this system, Beyond Strategic Vision tailors the Hoshin system to fit the culture of North American and European organizations. It is a "how-to" guide to the Hoshin method for executives, managers, and any other professionals, who must plan, create, and implement as part of their normal job. The management of an organization, whether large or small, has one of its principal responsibilities to set the direction of the organization for the future and to move the entire organization into that future. The most effective way to set the future direction is to develop a shared vision of what the organization will be in the future, contrast it to the way the organization is now, and then create a plan for bridging the gap: the Strategic Plan. Beyond Strategic Vision shows how to do this effectively and efficiently. Beyond Strategic Vision is important reading for anyone charged with a managerial or directorial decision making responsibility for their company or organizational future goals and planning.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Michael Cowley
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Board Member’s Guide to Strategic Planning: A Practical Approach to Strengthening Nonprofit Organizations (Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Sector Series)
A compact guide for busy nonprofit board members by a veteran board member and sought-after consultant to nonprofits. Presenting illustrative examples and straightforward action steps, the book guides board members through each step of strategic planning, including planning meetings, using consultants and facilitators, and determining visions and values.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Fisher Howe
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Changing Role of Strategic Planners
As the process of strategic planning has evolved, so has the role of strategic planners. See how that role has changed in The Changing Role of Strategic Planners, a benchmarking Best-Practice Report from APQC. Based on the results of a consortium benchmarking study, this report reveals 15 findings related to roles of strategic planners, location and staffing of planning departments, capabilities and career paths of strategic planners, and processes used to design and implement strategic planning practices.
Resource Type:    Best Practices Report
Author:                  American Productivity and Quality Center
URL:                     www.apqc.org/

Creating and Implementing Your Strategic Plan: A Workbook for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
A comprehensive guide full of charts, checklists, tips and tricks for the practitioner.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                John Bryson and Farnum K.Alston
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Creating Public Value: Strategic Planning in Government
The Author presents fifteen years of research, observation, and teaching about what public-sector executives should do to improve the performance of public enterprises.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Mark H. Moore
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Developing a Business Strategy
Business planning - 'White paper' about strategic planning for businesses with worksheet to help formulate a strategic plan.
Resource Type:    White Paper
URL:                     www.planware.org/strategy.htm

A Handbook for Strategic Planning & Strategic Planning for Senior Leaders: A Handbook for Implementation
These two comprehensive guides were written by the US Department of the Navy Total Quality Leadership (TQL) Office around 1994. They are very well written and offer excellent guidance, although some of the terminology is now out of date. Strategic planners and managers in nonprofit and governmental organizations will find much valuable material here to adapt for their own uses. The Survey Handbook is particularly recommended for designing surveys that will form a foundation for any Balanced Scorecard implementation.
Resource Type:    Publication
Authors:                Denise Wells and Linda Doherty
URL:                     www.balancedscorecard.org/

High Impact Tools and Activities for Strategic Planning: Creative Techniques for Facilitating Your Organization’s Planning Process
Book provides dozens of recipes for creative group activities to facilitate strategic planning in any organization. Designed for use by consultants, facilitators, and management team leaders, step-by-step instructions guide you though exercises for gaining employee and management participation, gathering feedback form management about the state of the organization, creating an organized mission, vision and values statement, and planning so that the vision becomes reality.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Rod Napier, Patrick Sanaghan, and Clint Sidle
URL:                     www.amazon.com

How to Write a Mission Statement
From the Grantsmanship Center Web site, this is a four page step-by-step description of how to create the perfect Mission statement.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      www.tgci.com/publications/98fall/MissionStatement.html

Implementing Your Strategic Plan: How to Turn 'Intent' into Effective Action for Sustainable Change
Planning is easy, but implementing a plan is tough--often involving the coordination and direction of numerous people, resources, programs, and actions over a sustained period of time and across many organizational boundaries. Implementing Your Strategic Plan is packed with action-oriented principles, tools, and techniques designed to help CEOs, managers, consultants, or anyone who needs to make a strategic plan a reality-not just a pipe dream. It shows how to: 1) turn strategic priority issues into assigned, measurable actions 2) foster creative leadership 3) overcome resistance to change 4) provide an environment in which people can excel 4) fix broken core processes, and much more.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Davis Fogg
URL:                     www.amazon.com

The Manager’s Edge
Guide for government managers; latest tools and techniques for managing in an entrepreneurial government. The book features a special companion web site tied to the book’s main subject areas. The site includes background, supporting documents, and hot links to more information about subjects covered by the volume.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Anne Laurnet
URL:                     www.govexec.com/edge/

The Northbound Train: Finding the Purpose, Setting the Direction, Shaping the Destiny of Your Organization
This book is about creating vision, strategy, and meaning for your organization, as well as developing the leadership that’s essential in building an organizational corporate culture that can transform those powerful ideas into reality.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Karl Albrecht
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Overview of Strategic Planning Process
A strategic planning overview that offers the complete components of the strategic planning process.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                      http://members.tripod.com/~ProviderHelper/index-2.html

Reinventing Strategic Planning for a Dynamic Environment
Take an in-depth look at best-practice companies that are re-evaluating their strategic planning processes in Reinventing Strategic Planning for a Dynamic Environment, the results of a consortium benchmarking study by APQC. In addition to 11 key findings related to content and process, the report includes differences and similarities between study sponsor and best-practice partner organizations, tools and techniques the partner organizations use in strategic planning, and partner company profiles. Discover innovative decision-making tools and techniques that could enhance the effectiveness of your strategic planning process.
Resource Type:    Report
Author:                  American Productivity and Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site

The Strategy Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Business Environment
In their previous book, The Balanced Scorecard, Robert Kaplan and David Norton unveiled an innovative "performance management system" that any company could use to focus and align their executive teams, business units, human resources, information technology, and financial resources on a unified overall strategy--much as businesses have traditionally employed financial management systems to track and guide their general fiscal direction. In The Strategy-Focused Organization, Kaplan and Norton explain how companies like Mobil, CIGNA, and Chemical Retail Bank have effectively used this approach for nearly a decade, and in the process present a step-by-step implementation outline that other organizations could use to attain similar results. Their book is divided into five sections that guide readers through development of a completely individualized plan that is created with "strategy maps" (graphical representations designed to clearly communicate desired outcomes and how they are to be achieved), then infused throughout the enterprise and made an integral part of its future. In several chapters devoted to the latter, for example, the authors show how their models have linked long-term strategy with day-to-day operational and budgetary management, and detail the "double loop" process for doing so, monitoring progress, and initiating corrective actions if necessary.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Robert Kaplan and David Norton
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Strategic Planning
Examine success factors important for anyone involved in the area of strategic planning in this Best-Practice Report, based on the findings from an APQC benchmarking study. Explore the approaches, practices, and outcomes of strategic planning programs at best-practice companies in areas such as triggers, overall processes, issue generation, feedback and review, and links. See comparisons of leading-edge companies and current practices of sponsor companies.
Resource Type:    Best Practices Report
Author:                  American Productivity and Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site

Strategic Planning at 3M Dental, Silicon Systems, and Boeing A&TP
Find a description of the strategic planning process employed by 3 large organizations.
Resource Type:    Online Articles
URL:                      www.baldrigeplus.com/exhibit.htm

Strategic Planning Toolkit
A six part strategic planning toolkit from the Association of Higher Facilities Officers. The guide begins with “Shaping Your Organization’s Destiny and ends with “Keeping the Plan Alive.”
Resource Type:    Online Resources
Authors:                James Cole and Susan Cole
URL:                     www.appa.org/resources/strategic_planning/intro.html

Strategic Planning Tools
This is a web page of strategic planning models, tools, and resources from the National School Board Association. The resources are geared toward the education system but applicable to any organization engaged in strategic planning.
Resource Type:    Web Page
URL:                      www.nsba.org/sbot/toolkit/spt.html

Strategic Planning: What Works and What Doesn’t
Three presenters shared their thoughts and experiences on the topic of strategic planning. Rick Sessions of National Semiconductor discussed how his organization has incorporated external benchmark information into its strategic planning process. He provided guidelines for how other organizations can do this as well. Patrick Schaefer of Ernst & Young brought to the table his experiences as a consultant, discussing important linkages among strategic planning, performance measurement, and knowledge management. Finally, J.J. Gutierrez of Austin Energy took her audience on a journey through her company's experiences with planning-narrowing the planning process from a silo-based structure to one that served the company as a whole. She shared the steps Austin Energy used, as well as the lessons the company learned. This white paper gives a broad perspective of the strategic planning function and offers viable ideas for those holding strategic planning responsibilities
Resource Type:    Presentations from the American Productivity and Quality Center’s Third                               Knowledge Management Symposium.
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site

Strategy Online
A good idea is only as good as its execution. Online stories and articles from Fast Company Magazine that offer tools and insights to help you make smarter strategic decisions faster.
Resource Type:    Online Publications
URL:                      www.fastcompany.com/online/resources/strategy.html

Simplified Strategic Planning: A No-nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast
This book provides an easy to read guide on how to devise a planning strategy for organizations. Focus is on how to sustain the planning process and create success.
Resource Type:    Book
Authors:                Robert Bradford, Peter Duncan, Brian Tarcy
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Team Based Strategic Planning
This offers a detailed outline for strategic plans, as well as a comprehensive plan on how to facilitate the information gathering process. This book, however, is appropriate for not only team-based strategic planning, but also for those working on projects alone.
Resource Type:    Book
Author:                  Davis Fogg
URL:                     www.amazon.com

Turning Strategy Into Action: Tools & Techniques for Implementing Strategic Plans
Examine how many leading-edge companies are making dramatic shifts in their approach to plan implementation and goal attainment in Turning Strategy Into Action: Tools and Techniques for Implementing Strategic Plans. Based on the results of a consortium benchmarking study, this Best-Practice Report examines a key findings in areas such as: planning process design and content, human resources management and motivation, cultural change management, structural change management, and planning department operations.
Resource Type:    Benchmarking Study
Author:                  American Productivity & Quality Center
URL:                     http://www.apqc.org/portal/apqc/site

Vision and Strategic Planning
Provided by the NASA Headquarters Library, this is a bibliography of articles on strategic planning written by experts and published by numerous journals over the past 15 years.
Resource Type:    Bibliography
URL:                     www.hq.nasa.gov/office/hqlibrary/ppm/ppm16.htm

Vision and Strategic Plan: Who needs them?
From the BPR online Learning Center tutorial series, an article on the importance of developing a vision and strategic plan that can drive breakthrough improvements. The article illustrates potential barriers to the development of an effective strategic plan.
Resource Type:    Online Article
Author:                  Jeff Hiatt
URL:                     www.prosci.com/vis1.htm

What are the Steps of a Strategic Planning Process?
From the Nonprofit Internet Center Library, this is a strategic planning model that presents the fundamental steps that must be taken in the strategic planning process.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.nonprofits.org/npofaq/03/24.html

What is Strategic Planning?
Strategic planning can be used to determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, timelines, etc. An online article from the Free Management Library.
Resource Type:    Online Article
URL:                     www.nonprofits.org/npofaq/03/22.html

Online Libraries

Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)
Strategic planning from A to Z! This site provides a detailed, step-by-step, strategic planning guide from the free management library at The Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits (MAP). This topic at the MAP library site provides an overview of many of the perspectives and approaches associated with strategic planning. The material includes guidelines for the reader to carry out planning according to the nature and needs of their organization. The site also includes numerous links to related topics.
Resource Type:    Online Library
URL:                     www.mapnp.org/library/plan_dec/str_plan/str_plan.htm


Management Training on Strategic Planning
This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of the strategic planning process for managers. The tool also provides an overview of management by objectives, concept design, implementation and more.
Resource Type:    Slide Presentation
URL:                     www.myworktools.com/tp_cache/t6/tool_617.html

The Ten-Basics of Strategic Planning
An E-tutorial on CD-Rom, by Bill Gaw.
Resource Type:    E-Tutorial
URL:                     http://bbasicsllc.com/sp.htm


Center for Strategic Management (CSM)
CSM assists managers of public and private sector organizations address the strategic issues confronting their organizations by applying their programs are conducted through a series of presentations, discussions, and workshops designed to provide a results-oriented approach to planning and management while responding to the continuing need to enhance quality throughout the organization.
Resource Type:    Consultant Organization
Address:                821 W. Benfield Road, Suite #1 Severna Park, Maryland 21146
Phone:                    410-987-1240
Fax:                        410-987-5451
URL:                      www.csmweb.com

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning
Since 1981, the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning (through its Strategic Focus on Strategic Planning services for small to mid-sized companies) has provided client companies tools and leadership required to obtain superior strategic results. This consulting organization’s work with client companies is built around their proprietary planning model. It is a streamlined, hands-on methodology designed to ensure that course and direction are well thought-out, and that the limited resources of the organization are sharply focused in support of that course and direction.
Resource Type:    Consulting Company
Address:                Center for Simplified Strategic Planning, Inc.
                               2219 Packard Road, Suite 13
                               Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone:                    734- 995-3465
Email:                     tidd@cssp.com
URL:                      www.cssp.com/

EnTarga: Strategic Planning for the Business of the Future
A consulting firm whose mission is to provide planning and organizational change expertise to organizations of all sizes that are attempting to establish an organizational learning culture to accomplish adaptive and generative responses to change. Their web site offers resources on strategic planning and other quality topics.
Resource Type:    Consulting/Web Site
URL:                     www.entarga.com

SDG Strategic Development Group
Geared to the workforce development community, SDG provides strategic planning, research and project management services in community and economic development. SDG strives to develop effective local workforce development programs through solid information and analysis.
Resource Type:    Consultant Organization
Address:                2901 N. Walnut Street
                               Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone:                    800-939-2449 or 812-331-1285
Fax:                        812-331-1285
Email:                     info@sdg.us
URL:                      www.sdg.us/



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